Best Digital Gate Lock in Singapore

The best digital locks are symbolic of a new-fashioned smart home in Singapore. Compared with the traditional lock and key model, the advantages of digital locks are limitless. No more losing your keys, worrying about locking up, or having to call a locksmith because the key is in your lock handle.

You’ve decided to buy a digital gate lock for your property? Or need to change the old ones with the latest upgraded version?

Don’t worry you are at the right place now. Yes, in our Go Digital Lock Pte Ltd we will provide you the latest upgraded version of the top brand digital gate lock in Singapore for your home security.

First, think in your mind when you go for a digital gate lock instead of a digital door lock?

The gate is the first level of security of all homes and then the door took its second level of security. But in considering digital lock for both gate & door it will update your home to a smart home.

You have to decide for yourself if you are going to buy a digital door lock or digital gate lock or both for your home, it’s purely your choice.

If you go with the digital gate lock instead of the digital door lock it will level up high to your home security and you need not stay with the old traditional gate lock. In a traditional gate lock, you are supposed to maintain the key and it takes too much time to open if in case you have a separate lock for the gate instead of a fixed one.

If you remain in the traditional gate lock please take a look at this blog post we will discuss the latest upgraded types of digital gate locks we will sure you get impressed and going to buy with us for your smart home.

Types of digital gate lock available with us

In our Go Digital Lock Pte Ltd, we have current latest model are available with us to compare to others. We have

  1. Kaiser digital gate lock
  2. Log home digital gate lock
  3. Philips EasyKey digital gate lock
  4. Schlage digital gate lock
  5. Hafele digital gate lock
  6. Kaadas digital gate lock
  7. Samsung digital gate lock

Our latest upgraded types of digital gate locks

Now we currently have a digital gate lock with an upgraded motherboard and fingerprint reader and the outer unit of the lock is also updated to a more solid design. Recently we have upgraded version of some models available with us, they are


Kaiser M1590GNK Digital Gate Lock

Kaiser is the gate lock type specially designed and developed for Singapore metal gates. It is no need for a security metal box because there is no button to open on the back. The only button in the body is for closing. From inside, we can remote control and also the key to open.

It can operate five in one function to open the gate, they are

  1. Fingerprint (up to 100 fingerprints)
  2. RFID Card (up to 50 cards)
  3. Password
  4. Emergency Key (come with 2 keys)
  5. Remote Control (come with 1 remote control)

Log home LH310MG Digital Gate Lock

Loghome Digital lock Singapore brand is designed to work on any wooden doors, metal gates & glass doors. Log home LH310mg is the current hot-selling.

This locks in the market with 3 in 1 function to open the gate, the access modes are

  1. RFID Card.
  2. Pin Code.
  3. Mechanical Key.

With an RFID card, the user can use for both gate and door.

Additional features of Loghome LH310mg

  • Setting and updating passwords of 3 to 19 digits
  • RFID card access (max to 50)
  • Built-in fire detection sensor/alarm
  • Auto-Lock Capability
  • Internal/External dual lock mode
  • Force-open alarm
  • Emergency override key
  • Emergency power terminal of 9V battery
  • Theft & Prank prevention (1minute stoppage after 5 straight wrong input)

Log home Gate Digital Lock LH610MG

Loghome LH610mg is also known as Fingerprint Card Gate Digital Lock LH610MG.

Loghome LH610mg is the current hot-selling locks in the market with 4 in 1 function to open the gate, the access modes are

  1. Fingerprint
  2. RFID card
  3. Password
  4. Emergency keys

Additional features of LH610mg

  • LH610MG can register up to 100 fingerprints
  • 50 RFID cards (4 givens)
  • 1 master password, and 1 user password.
  • It also comes with 3 emergency keys.


Common Benefits of having digital gate lock at your home

  • It is not possible to make copies of the keys.
  • One key for everything. A One key (or one finger!) Contains access rights to all the gates it needs to open – no more carrying large sets of keys!
  • Cannot see security code. The keys usually contain digital encryption.
  • Lost keys are not a problem. Access rights for lost keys are simply removed from the system. If someone attempts to use this key fraudulently, the lock will not open.
  • Family members can use their private key and you don’t have to worry about changing the codes.
  • Quick access – many access modes are available for quick opening the gate
  • It May be used with existing gate lock fittings
  • Access both inside and outside of the home.
  • Ideal for use in HBD, Condos, and landed property gates & doors.

Final words

Now you got a better idea to buy a digital gate lock for your home. The above all are our current upgraded model. If you want to know more about digital gate lock please checks our web page. You can also buy a digital door lock for your home along with a gate lock.