If the Digital Lock Can Get Hacked? – Way to Prevent Your Digital Lock from Hackers

Digital locks are one of the most important devices you can buy for your if home or workplace security systems. There are many benefits to having a digital lock at your front door, such as it will prevent your home from intruders, also protecting from being stolen, and keep your loved one free from harm.

Another reason to increase the use of these digital locks is the convenience that these locks offer as you can unlock, lock and monitor them remotely using wi-fi, Bluetooth, or both. Moreover, it also provides unparalleled security benefits to the users.

But due to some recent incidents of digital lock hacking, some people are hesitant to use it. In this case, the question arises: can digital locks be hacked?
Yes, it could be the shortest answer to this question. According to the researchers, any device that works and can be accessed at any time via the internet is potentially at risk of being hacked, Same case with digital locks.

But this does not mean that you cannot rely on digital locks and you will have to revert to traditional locking systems. The information in this blog post will give you knowledge about ways to ensure the safety of your home or office with them.

Way to prevent your digital lock from hacking

You can follow the simple step like in below, you will get reduce at risk of being hacked by hackers.

Frequently update the program

To get around the criminals, manufacturers usually release updates to their software. You can ensure the safety of your place by downloading these updates as soon as they are released.

Use an optional keyless lock

There are various types of digital locks available in the market. Some are electrically operated locks while some are triggered by access cards or keypads. You can eliminate the risk of hacking by using any of these alternative keyless digital locks.

Keep your passcode safe:

Always keep your passcode safe, the pin you should be chosen for your digital lock will be unique and it will not be easy to guess. After choosing your passcode you do not share it with anyone and ensure to change the passcode frequently. In some cases, you allow calling your friends to your home by giving them temporary access passcode.