4 Tips to Install your Digital Door Lock Smarter and Secure

Digital door locks are now in place of traditional locks making your life better and easier. There’s no doubt that digital door locks offer you maximum benefits. But, following some of the tips mentioned below, you can make your home smarter, secure, and convenient.

1. Consider Installing Bluetooth Enabled Digital Door Lock

If you install a wifi-based system, then it might stop functioning with no internet and electricity. Hence, it is better to install a Bluetooth-enabled digital door lock so that your smartphone is paired with the lock and powered up. This allows you to easily enter your home. This allows you to easily enter your home and helps to send passcodes to your family members using your phone remotely without much hustle and bustle. If your family members are less tech-savvy then you can provide them with physical keys to unlock the door.

2. Secure Your Home with Backup Power

If you are using turbo lock smart locks and doorknobs you can provide backup power in two ways:

Some models are available with a USB port that allows you to recharge the batteries for a long time. These ports are located on the inner side of the lock. Consider replacing the batteries to avoid future risks.

You can think of investing in an emergency backup battery pack that is compatible with your lock. If the batteries are no longer working you can connect the built-in battery to the emergency backup battery pack so that you can charge your battery and get inside your home quickly.

3. Protect Your Digital Door Lock with The Passcode Maintenance

Passcode maintenance here basically means that the password you are using should not be easily guessable. Think of some strong passwords that others won’t get to know. Consider changing the admin password frequently. Your password should not be limited to your name, date of birth, anniversaries, etc. Think of some unique and strong password and secure your home from being burgled.

If you have a rotating set of admin passcodes, this makes it difficult to guess the passcode. Also, it is important to keep track of passwords when you are handing them over to someone else. If that person no longer needs entry access, consider changing the passcode.

4. Provide High Safety to Your Home by Installing Digital Door Locks on Every Door

You can ensure high security in your home by installing a digital door lock on every door. You can also consider a keyless lock that saves the code directly on the lock.


So, if you are looking to deliver the topmost security and protection to your home, you can go for the above tips. Installing and following the tips for digital door locks will surely make your life convenient and safe.