Schlage Digital Door Locks – Control And Access From Anywhere

Schlage digital door locks progress rapidly with the advancement in technology that includes patented push-pull handle, fingerprint/card/Password access, and a voice guide, to easily access your home. The internal and external push-pull handles of Schlage digital door locks can be easily and securely set depending on the opening direction of the door. Unlocking is made simple with the access using the Smartphone App using Bluetooth, a fingerprint reader with the latest technology. Also, with some models, you can store up to 100 fingerprints, and adding or deleting Passwords, cards, and fingerprints is simple.

Schlage digital door locks offer an easy way to enhance the style of the home with maximum safety and security. Its stylish innovative digital door locks bring possibilities and potential to your home. They offer amazing features to your family and friends and also allows you to check the status of when your lock has been accessed.

Access features of Schlage digital locks:

  • Bluetooth access via a smartphone app

Schlage digital locks are enabled with Bluetooth access wherein you can unlock the door using Bluetooth via a smartphone app. Quickly your door is unlocked once the lock receives the signal that is transmitted from your phone, which ensures extra security and reliability.

  • Access using fingerprint

The fingerprint sensor in the push-pull handle will detect your finger and the door will be unlocked the moment you hold the handle. This feature will open the door quickly and conveniently.

  • Key card access

Key card access such as RFID card unlocks your door when you hold it close to the lock. It is meant to offer you more comfort, confidentiality, and security. The feature here is user-friendly allowing you easy access.

  • Password access

The lock here allows you to set and enter different numbers of digits from 7-12. You can easily access your door by entering the PIN code without any worry of carrying keys.

Other awesome features of Schlage digital locks:

  • Voice guide feature

This feature of the Schlage digital locks delivers you the best guidance and instructions in the form of spoken feedback for the setup or installation and ongoing use.

  • Random security coding function

In order to prevent peeping and revealing the real user PIN code, Schlage digital locks are enabled with the feature of random security coding function that allows you to enter some random number combinations before or after the real user PIN code.

  • Auto-lock and auto relock function

If the lock is in auto-locking mode, when the door is closed, the door will be automatically locked offering you extra convenience and reassurance.

  • High-temperature warning

If a high temperature is detected that may cause fire, the alarm will sound for your safety.

  • Double lock function

When the double lock function is activated, the door cannot be open from outside even with the registered card, password, or fingerprint.

  • Prevent mischief and hacking function

Wrong access entries continuously for 3 times, will create an alarm and all the functions of the lock will be suspended for 3 minutes.

  • Trespass alarm function

If the door is opened with great force the alarm will sound.


So, with the customized and advanced settings, you can control Schlage digital locks offering you easy access. Do consider visiting our showroom if you are willing to purchase this lock. In the end, this lock will grant you the best safety, comfort, and convenience.