Ultimate Guide to select a digital lock for your door type

Consider installing a digital lock if you want to upgrade your home or office’s security. But how do you choose the best digital lock with all the various models and features available? This article will be an Ultimate Guide to select a digital lock for your door type


Ultimate Guide to select a digital lock for your door type

1) Determine & measure the type of door you have

In terms of selecting a digital lock for your door, the first step is to determine and measure the type of door you have. There are many types of doors, each requiring a specific type of digital lock. Here are some guidelines for figuring out and measuring the kind of door you have:

When a sliding glass door, you first need to measure the width of the door. Then, the digital lock you choose should be able to fit snugly into the door frame. You also need to ensure that the digital lock has a built-in deadbolt, or else it will need to be more secure.

If you have a swinging door, you need to measure the door’s width and height. Again, ensure that the digital lock you choose fits snugly into the door frame. The standard door thickness compatible with any digital locks in Singapore is 30-65 mm, but some locks exceed 65m in thickness. Few are no more suitable for doors that are above 50mm thick.

2) Check the compatibility of digital locks with your door type. 

If you want to upgrade your home security with a digital lock, ensure the lock is compatible with your door type. There are a few different types of digital locks on the market, & each one is designed for a specific door type.

The most common type of lock is the mortise lock. These locks are designed for doors that have a mortise (a hole cut into the doorframe). The lock mounts on the door’s surface and extends into the mortise. Mortise locks have 2 types: lever handle and Push-pull lock, which are getting popular in Singapore for their use case and advanced features!

The second most common type of digital lock is the deadbolt lock. These locks are designed for doors with a hole drilled through the doorframe so the bolt can extend into it. If your door doesn’t have this hole, you’ll need to prepare one or get a different type of lock.

Another type of digital lock is the rim lock. These locks are designed for doors with no hole drilled through the doorframe. Instead, rim locks mount on the door’s surface and extend into the frame.

3) Decide on the features you want

When you’re choosing a digital lock, it’s important to decide which features are unique to you. For example, do you want a lock that is controlled by an app? One that has a keypad? Or one that uses biometrics?

Here are few things you need to think about when selecting the features, you want:

->How many people need to be able to access the lock? For example, you’ll need a lock with high multiple-user codes if you have a large family or roommates.

->How important is security? Some locks have features like tamper alerts and automatic locking that can give you peace of mind.

->Do you want to be able to control the lock remotely? If so, you’ll need a lock compatible with an innovative home system.

->Do you prefer to save money? Select synchronized Digital locks would be the best pick because you don’t have to buy each lock for the door and gate because such locks automatically open both the door and gate simultaneously when accessed. You only need to install a gate lock for your entrance, saving you money on an additional digital lock!

->If you prefer a lock without even more convenient that the mentioned above? Then why not choose a face recognition digital lock? They’re convenient and easy to use as you must look at the lock’s screen to unlock them.

4) Compare different brands and models of digital locks suitable for your door.

A digital door lock is an electronic locking device that uses a code, card, key fob, or fingerprint to unlock a door. Many different brands and models of digital locks are available on the market. Each brand and model have its unique features and benefits.

It is essential to compare different brands and models to find the best digital lock for your needs. Consider the security features of each lock, as well as the price. Also, think about how easy the lock is to use. You don’t want to choose a lock that is too difficult to operate.

Some of the top brands of digital locks include Schlage, Hafele, kaiser, Philips, Igloohome, and more. These brands offer a variety of high-quality locks that are suitable for both home & commercial use. At Go Digital locks, we have them all.

FYI: we’re the dealers of more than 11 reputable brands in Singapore, so choosing the right brand doesn’t get much easier with us

5) Find a reputable supplier and install a digital door lock.

It’s a great idea to use a digital door lock to improve the security of your home. But how do you know which one to choose? And how do you get it installed?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. There are many different types of digital door locks on the market, so it’s vital to research & find one that suits your needs.

2. Finding a reputable supplier who can help you with installation is also essential.

3. Once you’ve found a suitable digital door lock and supplier, all you have to do is stick strictly to the instructions and have it installed!

If you are looking to install a digital door lock, the most important thing is to find a reputable supplier. We’re proud to be the best digital lock supplier with consistent 5-star reviews. We offer a wide range of door locks, and their installation team is highly experienced. Once you have found a reputable supplier, the next step is to get installed a digital door lock. These are the Ultimate Guide to select a digital lock for your door type