Year End & Chinese New Year Bundle Promotion


we offer Bundle promotion for the Year-End Sale and Chinese New Year


We’re getting close to the year’s end. Therefore, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our exclusive bundle promotion for the Year-End Sale and Chinese New Year! Customers can save big on our amazing selection of products when they purchase an exclusive bundle. We offer a wide variety of bundles, ranging from digital door locks to safe boxes, that are sure to fit your budget and needs. Each bundle contains items that will help you look your best, stay connected, and enjoy the festival spirit.

Bundle Promotion


This year, make the most of your Year-End Sale and Chinese New Year celebrations with a bundle promotion from Go Digital lock. Our team has put together a special selection of products that are perfect for this upcoming holiday season. With this bundle, you’ll receive everything you need to make your holidays even brighter.

Our bundle deal offers are designed to provide unbeatable value and convenience for our customers before this new year. It includes everything from Digital locks mostly, electronic items, home appliances, and freebies. You’ll also get special discounts when you purchase our bundles, making them an excellent choice for budget-savvy shoppers who want top-quality products at competitive prices. Plus, all orders come with free shipping to ensure maximum savings!

Chinese New Year: Relevance to Sale

Chinese New Year is an important event in many cultures around the world, and it holds even more special significance for those of Chinese heritage. It is a time to not only celebrate but reflect on the year gone past & look forward with anticipation to what lies ahead. Many businesses are getting ready for the new year and looking for ways to increase their sales during this time of heightened consumer activity.

In celebration of both the end-of-year sale season and Chinese New Year, more business has created a bundle promotion that combines elements from each holiday. This unique offer will give customers unbeatable value while providing them with a chance to ring in the new year with some exciting products or experiences. The combination of these two sale periods makes it easier than ever before for Singaporeans to find great deals while also helping companies maximize their profits during key times of the year.

Advantages of our Bundles: Benefits to Customers

This year-end, we are offering a bundle promotion for the Year-End Sale and Chinese New Year! Our bundles include top-branded digital locks, safe boxes, electronic items, and free items at a discounted price.

Our bundles come with advantages that will benefit customers in different ways.

Firstly, customers can get cheaper prices compared to buying individual items without the bundle. This allows them to save money while still getting what they need for their home or office security requirements.

Secondly, customers will have peace of mind knowing that all their security equipment is from reputable brands that meet safety standards.

Lastly, they’ll be able to take advantage of the bonus products that comes with our bundles – this could be additional accessories or extra services like free shipping or installation, depending on which bundle you choose.

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