All You Need to Know About Digital Lock Access Modes

Exploring Digital Lock Access Modes: Everything You Need to Know

Digital lock having different access modes depends upon the price range it may be varied. The locks come with 5 in 1 access mode or 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 it also depends upon the cost, model, and brand of the lock.

1. Passcode

By far the most common mode of entry is, even basic smart lock require you to enter passcodes to access them. It’s easy to set up and you can change your password anytime you want to increase your security level.

2. RFID card

RFID the (rfid) card is used in emf to send signals to a reader for decoding. Each digital lock is installed with a reader and responds by locking or unlocking the doors. Such contactless entry is commonly found in commercial buildings and hotels as frequent access changes are required for a large influx of people.

3. Biometric – fingerprint scanners

Biometric digital locks work the same way passcodes do except you can enjoy instant access without wasting time entering a bunch of numbers. Most digital locks can register up to 100 unique fingerprints.

4. Mobile application – wireless connection

Digital applications now rely on a wireless connection to function as well. Whether it’s via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (a form of wireless connection that requires a convenient hut to translate signals to a router), all you need is a simple click of your finger to unlock/lock the door.
5. Manual key

The key is provided additional among these features because it acts as the spare for all the access mode whenever it gets error indication arises, the manual key will help you to open your door.