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A synchronized digital lock, or Dual authentication digital lock, consists of two digital locks (gate lock & door lock) that are wirelessly connected and synchronized. When one lock is operated, it would trigger all the other connected locks to open simultaneously. The locks can also have wireless communication capabilities using technology like Bluetooth or WiFi. When the locks are first installed and paired, they would be associated with each other and assigned a group ID. When a user unlocks one of the locks, for example, using a keypad code or fingerprint reader, a signal would be sent wirelessly from that lock to all the other locks in the group. This signal would contain the group ID or code, so the door lock knows it is for them.

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Synchronized Digital Lock

Kaiser+ M1593GNK Digital Gate Lock

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digital lock sales
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digital lock sales
digital lock sales
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What is a Synchronized digital lock?

A synchronized digital lock, or Dual authentication digital lock, consists of two digital locks (gate lock & door lock) that are wirelessly connected and synchronized. When one lock is operated, the attached door lock will open simultaneously.

Where can a Synchronized digital lock be used?

A synchronized digital lock system can be used in many places where high security and convenience are required. Some common areas where these advanced locking systems are deployed are office buildings, Commercial and residential apartments.
Office buildings – In office buildings and warehouses, a synchronized system allows employees to open multiple doors by entering a code or scanning their access card just once at the main entrance. This enhances both security and productivity.
For homes and apartments – a synchronized lock provides added security as both the main gate and front door are unlocked simultaneously after entering the access code. It also offers convenience to residents as they don’t have to unlock multiple doors to enter the premises.
Since the technology is still relatively new & only a few establishments have begun using this cutting-edge digital lock, you can also use it in many other locations.

Cost of a Synchronized Digital lock

The cost of a synchronized digital lock system is determined by how many locks are connected, the type of locks used, and additional features like remote access. A basic system connecting a main entrance gate lock and a front door lock may start around $600-$700 for gate locks, but advanced systems can go beyond $700. At Go Digital lock, we sell exclusive synchronized Digital locks from Kaiser+ and Solity; You can visit our page & take a look for yourself!

How does a Synchronized digital lock work?

A step-by-step explanation of how a synchronized digital lock system works:
1)The digital locks in the system are wirelessly connected to a central hub or directly to each other. This allows them to communicate and send signals to each other.
2)To unlock the system, the user enters an access code or scans their access card/key fob on the first lock, e.g., the gate lock.
3)The lock detects valid access and sends a wireless signal to the hub or directly to the other connected locks like the door lock.
4)The hub or the connected locks receive the signal to unlock.
5)The connected locks, e.g. door lock, automatically unlock once they receive the signal from the first lock. This happens almost instantly.
6)The user can then open the door or gate without unlocking another lock. This provides dual authentication by unlocking multiple access points through a single authentication action.
7)Once the locks are closed, they return to a locked state, and the system waits for another valid authentication to unlock the access points.

What technology does a Synchronized digital lock use to unlock the door?

Synchronized digital locks utilize wireless communication, microcontroller logic, authentication readers, and an electrical power source to unlock doors in a coordinated fashion. By integrating these technologies, the locks are able to communicate with each other and unlock as a system through a single authentication event.

Key benefits of our Synchronized digital locks

The benefit of synchronized Digital lock include:
-Unlock both Gate + doors with a single authentication.
-No need to have multiple keys or authentication. One touch unlocks everything.
-Due to Instant synchronization, it really saves time.
-No need to set a separate authentication for the doorlock.

Features of Synchronized Digital Lock:

Simultaneous Door and Gate Locking: One notable feature of synchronized digital locks is the ability to open both the door and gate locks simultaneously with just one tap.
Access Methods: Synchronized digital locks typically offer various access methods, including keypads, passwords, cards, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and lever handles.
2-year warranty: At Go Digital Lock, we provide a generous warranty of 2 years which ensures you can buy with complete trust. We have a warranty page with more details.
Shipping & installation service included: Once you give us an order, our installers will come to your location at your convenience and install them to your premises.

Synchronized digital lock brands that you must consider:

-Kaiser+ Digital lock
-Solity digital lock

Installation details

For installation, You won’t need to pay additional costs in order to use a digital door lock or door wifi lock because we can install one into your entrance door or gate for free. Synchronized digital locks are a practical, safe, and affordable access option for many homes, businesses, and travelers since installing a digital lock necessitates a complicated configuration, and we believe customers should be happy with their purchase. Feel free to contact us for more details about your specific needs.

The best Synchronized gate and door locks are available from us. We may also assist you with setup and registration to minimize inconveniences and ensure that the technology satisfies all of your access requirements.

If you want the best digital lock, come to us! Why? Since then, we have sold smart locks all around Singapore and have acquired years of experience. We have a 5-star rating so you can have complete faith in us to supply your home with a new digital lock! To begin, look through our selection of digital locks. If you have any questions regarding synchronized digital lock, please do not hesitate to reach us out!

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