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A wooden bifold door is a popular interior door style made with wood panels that fold open, just like an accordion. When closed, the panels neatly stack up against each other, occupying minimal space in the opening. When opened, the panels fold open in the middle to provide an easy and wide pass-through. Wooden bifold doors are a space-saving alternative to conventional swinging doors. They let more light into a room when opened, giving you more unobstructed views. Compared to sliding doors, wooden bifolds are easier to operate & maintain because they have fewer moving parts and tracks.

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digital lock sales
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What is a Wooden Bifold Door?

A Wooden Bifold Door, ideal for home and living room design, features wood panels folding like an accordion. Space-saving and easy to operate, it provides a wide pass-through, unobstructed views, and more light. Minimal maintenance, fewer moving parts, and tracks set it apart from sliding doors.

Where can a Wooden Bifold Door be used?

Basically, it can be used in these two areas: HDB Flats and kitchen entrances.
HDB Bedrooms, Toilets, and Storerooms: Wooden bifold doors are really popular for HDB flats in Singapore, especially for toilets, storerooms, and bathrooms. These doors are made for spaces with limited openings, giving you function and style. They come in many laminate designs, so you can match the room’s theme or the whole home.
Kitchen Entrances: Wooden bifold doors ca be the best part of your kitchen entrance. They give a handy solution to separate the kitchen from the rest of the place while keeping a relaxed vibe. The doors fold to the sides, letting you get in and out quickly and move between the kitchen and other living areas without issues.

Cost of a Wooden Bifold Door

The cost of a wooden bifold door depends on the type of wood, panels, hardware, and customizations. In general, wooden bifold doors in Singapore cost between SG$900 to $1500. Normal flat-panel wooden bifold doors without special features will come under $1000. At the higher end, wooden bifold doors with glass panels, specialty wood, complex panel designs, and customized hardware will cost $1500 or more. Some factors that impact the price the most are the wood quality, number of panels, thickness of the wood, and hardware design.

Features of our Wooden Bifold Door

Our wooden bifold doors come with many features to enhance functionality, aesthetics, and durability.
Space-saving design: Folds neatly to the side to maximize space when open.
Solid wood construction: Made from superior-grade wood for strength and longevity.
Superior finish: Wood sealed with lacquer coating for lasting shine and water resistance.
Hidden hardware: Concealed hinges and track system for a sleek appearance.
Smooth operation: Precision-engineered hardware ensures easy and reliable folding action.
Adjustable: Floor rollers and top guides can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit and operation.

Benefits of buying Wooden Bifold Door from Go Digital lock

Free Installation and shipping service: We’ve got you covered with our Wooden Bifold Door installation and shipping service, which is absolutely for free. One of our experienced installers will come out to your place and measure the opening for a perfect fit. Just give us a call, and we’ll give you a free quote!
1 year warranty: Not only that, but our Wooden Bifold Door comes with a full-year warranty. You can install your new door knowing it’s protected in case anything happens within 12 months.
Top rated seller: We are rated top seller and have an excellent overall rating in Singapore. You can trust us for your new wooden Bi fold door!

Installation details

Installing a high-quality wooden bifold door correctly ensures it functions well and lasts for years. That’s why we include free professional Installation with every wooden bifold door purchase.
Our wooden bifold doors are made from solid wood material for superior durability. The wood we use resists warping, cracking, and damage over time, so your door should virtually maintain its shape for decades. We only use high-grade hardware and fittings designed to stand the test of time.
As one of Singapore’s leading door suppliers, we take pride in our craftsmanship and customer service. Our installers will take the time to accurately measure your opening, properly hang all door panels, and thoroughly test that everything operates smoothly. Every detail is checked to make sure you’ll love how your new bifold door looks and functions for many years.
This commitment to quality installation is why we have a 5-star rating from happy customers. Our goal is to exceed your needs by providing a door and installation service that meets all your expectations.
Get in touch, and we’ll create a custom quote for your home’s perfect wooden bifold door within your budget. Once you place your order, our installation team will take it from there. From measuring and preparing the opening to hanging, adjusting, and testing your door, we deliver a flawlessly fitted wooden bifold door free of charge.

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