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Digital gate locks offer a secure and convenient alternative to traditional key-based locking systems for gates and doors. Using a numeric passcode or keycard instead of physical keys, digital locks provide enhanced security through electronic programming of multiple personalized passcodes. As an authorized dealers we offer some Advanced models that has features like remote operation via mobile apps, audit trails of entry attempts, and temporary access codes for visitors. Overall, digital gate locks provide a modern, secure and easy-to-use option for securing gates and restricting access. Contact us today for a brand-new digital gate lock!

Digital Gate Lock Models

Igloohome Rim Lock Metal Gate

(5 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1590TKK Digital Lock

(4 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1500GNK Gate Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1593GNK Digital Gate Lock

(4 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1593GTKK Gate Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Hafele GL5600 Gate Digital Lock

(5 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DS705G Digital Gate Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1590GNK Gate Digital Lock

(8 Reviews)

Hafele ER4600 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)
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digital lock sales
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nabila shjl August 5
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Had a good experience with your sales person called Zack. He was very helpful in answering my questions re digital locks. A kudo to your company for having such a good staff, I will definitely buy again... He gave us the assurance of all being follow up
Ray Hua August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
Very friendly staff - Evon from Go Digital Lock to serve and answer our queries. We order the product on the spot and have the digital lock installed on the following day. Thanks Evon !
Kee Sin Lam August 5
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We live in Pasir Ris so Go Digital Lock is our 1st stop since it is the nearest. Initially, We just wanted to have a look only but ended up making an order of their wooden door, Samsung Digital Lock & Philips Smart Door Viewer after being served by Evon. The 2 workers that helped to fix everything are very
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Fanny is very patient and always tries to put up with my requests even though some of it may be very last minute, very helpful and always contactable throughout, definitely recommended!!
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digital lock sales
digital lock sales
Susan godigitallock contact

What is a Digital Gate Lock?

A digital gate lock is an advanced type of electronic locking mechanism used on gates and doors. Traditional mechanical locks use keys, while digital gate locks utilize a numeric code or keycard for entry. This provides a higher-level of security & convenience. Digital locks store information electronically and do not rely on traditional “keys” that can be lost, duplicated, or stolen. Users are assigned a personalized passcode consisting of digits that they enter to unlock the door. Multiple passcodes can be programmed into the system to provide access to multiple individuals. The digital locks are powered by batteries or wired to an electrical source.

Where can a Digital Gate Lock be used?

Here are some places where a digital gate lock can be used:

Home gates – Digital gate locks can provide convenient and secure access to home driveways and entrances of residential properties like HBD, BTO flats, and condo flats. They help allow family members, visitors, service providers, and delivery person access while keeping unauthorized people out.

Commercial buildings – Businesses in Singapore can use digital gate locks for rear gates, side entrances, and loading docks to restrict access to authorized personnel only. As you know, Glass or sliding doors are very common for business, but gates are not very common; if gates are preferred in a commercial space,, you can opt for our gate locks.

Apartment complexes: Apartment buildings can utilize digital gate locks for main entrances, parking garages, and amenity areas for tenants.

 Schools and universities – Schools and colleges can install digital gate locks at various entry points for students, staff, visitors, and bus drivers.

Industrial facilities – Factories and manufacturing sites can use digital locks on gates for shift workers, contractors, and vendors to enter and exit securely.

Cost of a Digital Gate Lock

Residents have several metal gate digital lock Singapore to choose from Go Digital lock. The most affordable digital lock for metal gates is – Kaadas R6G Gate Digital Lock for $539 and the Igloohome Rim Lock Metal Gate and Kaiser+ M1500GNK Gate Digital Locks priced $499-$599, providing good value. Those wanting advanced security can consider the Philips Easykey 5100K Digital Lock for $599, offering excellent performance. Higher-end options include the Kaiser+ M1593GNK and M1593GTKK gate digital locks priced at $599-$829 with top features. While some models are currently unavailable with us, there are plenty of electronic gate lock choices from brands like Samsung, Loghome, and Igloohome to suit budgets and security needs. Residents can find an affordable yet reliable outdoor digital gate lock Singapore to meet their requirements.

Key Features of Digital Gate Lock

To be honest, there are many features of digital gate lock, but I will list out some 8 different features which make it stand out :

  1. Multiple access modes: Fingerprint, PIN code, Bluetooth key, RFID tags & stickers, physical key, and Remote Control.
  2. Auto Lock: Automatically locks once the gate is closed to increase your sense of security.
  3. Security Lockout: After several unsuccessful attempts to gain access, the keypad is disabled to make sure your property is always secure.
  4. Tamper Alarm: The lock will sound an alarm if it is being pried from the door to alert and deter potential tampering attempts.
  5. Volume Control: Adjust the volume according to your preference. Select from levels 0 (mute) to 5 (loudest).
  6. Low Battery Alert: Intuitive audio & When the batteries are low, visual alerts will tell you to replace them.
  7. Emergency Jumpstart: Easily jumpstart the lock with a 9V battery if the batteries are drained.
  8. Intrusion Alarm: When the door is pushed open while the bolt is still extended, the lock will sound.

Benefits of buying Digital Gate Lock from Go Digital lock

  • Free shipping and installation services
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Delivery within 24 hours all over Singapore
  • Authorized dealer of Top branded digital locks

Installation details:

We will happily install the well-known Digital Lock for Gates Singapore at your residence without charging you anything extra. Making sure that our customers are happy with their gate lock purchases is our top priority. As the process of digital lock installation can be complicated, we provide free on-site installation services regardless of your location in Singapore. Contact us to discover more about our customized pricing and installation options of digital lock for metal gate Singapore that cater to your specific requirements. We take pride in offering superior-quality & the best Digital gate Lock Singapore, as we are an authorized seller of this brand in Singapore and have extensive experience in selling and installing digital door locks and gate locks. We received a 5-star rating because we are committed to delivering a brand-new digital lock for Gate Singapore that you can trust. If you are searching for the Top & the best digital gate lock in Singapore, look no further than us!

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