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Fire Rated Awareness Bundle promotion offers discounted packages of fire-rated digital lock. If you purchase a fire-rated digital lock, you will get exclusive deals for doors, gates, and other products that have been certified to withstand fire exposure for a specified period. The bundles help you upgrade critical entry points in your home with fire rated solutions at an affordable price.


digital lock sales
digital lock sales
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About Fire Rated Awareness Bundle

What is Fire rated awareness bundle promotion?

The fire rated awareness bundle promotion gives you access to buy a curated selection of fire rated products like the main door at a bundled price that is lower than their individual retail prices. If you purchased a discounted Fire rated digital lock from us, you can choose from bundles focused on  gates, and other products suitable for your needs. The bundles also include some free accessories to sweeten the deal.

Pricing of our Fire rated digital lock awareness bundle promotion

Pricing of our Fire rated digital lock awareness bundle promotion:

Digital Lock Bundle:

• Get up to 35% off fire rated digital locks from brands like Solity, Phillips, Samsung, Hafele, and Igloohome when purchased in a bundle.
• The discount percentage varies based on the number of locks and chosen brand.
(For digital lock pricing, you can go and check our fire rated digital lock page to get complete information about the pricing of each lock)

Exclusive offers :

1)Metal Gate Bundle:

Mild steel gates are priced from $450 for a basic single-gate design.

Additional offerings of this bundle includes:

• Free laser cut metal unit number
• Free choice of mortise handle or digital lock panel worth $40
• Free 250mm high bottom plate worth $50
• Powder coating in other colors costs an additional $180.

2)Glass Gate and Wall Art Gate Bundle:

• $200 is taken off the regular retail prices of tempered glass gates and wall art gates when purchased in this bundle.
• The bundled deal also includes a 1-year warranty on the gates.

The bundles offer significant savings through discounts of up to 35%, free accessories worth up to $200, and bundled pricing. Any customization like upgraded handles, or powder coatings carry additional costs above the base bundle prices.

Types of deals for fire rated digital locks that qualify for our awareness bundles.

We offer a range of exclusive offers focused on different types of fire rated products.

Main Bundle :

Digital Lock Bundles: Up to 35% off digital smart locks from brands like Solity, Phillips, Samsung, Hafele, and Igloohome when purchased in a bundle.

Our Exclusive deals :

• Metal Gate: mild steel gates with free bonuses like metal unit numbers, handles, bottom plates, and powder coating in black or white.
• Glass Gate and Wall Art Gate: If you purchased a fire rated digital lock, we also offer $200 off tempered glass gates and wall art gates with a 1-year warranty.

Features of Fire rated awareness bundle promotion for fire rated digital lock

• Discounted bundles – Saves you money by bundling multiple fire-rated products and offering bundle discounts of up to 35% off.
• Free accessories – Freebies like metal numbers, handles, locksets, and bottom plates are included with some bundles.
• Variety of products – Covers a range of products like digital locks, gates, and more to suit different areas of your home.
• Brand choices – Quality fire rated products from brands like Solity, Philips, Samsung, Hafele, and Igloohome.
• Warranty protection – Most bundles come with a 1-year warranty for peacefulness.

Benefits of this Fire rated awareness bundle promotion:

– Cost savings: The bundle discounts and free accessories offer significant savings compared to buying products individually.
– Convenience: A one-stop solution where you can purchase multiple needed products in a single transaction.
– Choice: Wide range of bundle options to choose from based on your specific fire safety, security, and aesthetic needs.
-Laminate customization: In the full solid laminate main door exclusive deal, we are offering you to select from 300+ laminate designs
– Upgrade options: Ability to customize by adding upgrade handles, laminates, locksets, powder coatings, and larger door sizes.

Overall, the fire rated bundle promotion balances value for money, safety, and choice to help you find the most suitable fire safety solutions for critical areas in your home – all while staying within your budget.
Best Fire Rated awareness bundle promotion Singapore for fire rated digital lock
Based on the variety of options, discounts, free accessories, and product choices, Our fire rated awareness bundle promotion in Singapore is one of the best in the market when you need a complete fire resistance entrance right at your property because it contains everything you need.

Key reasons why it stands out:

-Up to 35% discounts: Larger bundle discounts of up to 35% compared to most competitors’ 20-25% off deals.
-Freebies worth up to $200: The included free accessories with some deals can be worth up to $200, making the deals very attractive.
-Wide range of products: Covers doors, locks, gates, and accessories, while most competitors mainly offer door bundles.
-Affordable Fire-rated entrance: It stands out because this deal makes you secure an all in one fire rated entrance at one time cost
-Quality brand options: Provides well-known quality brands like Solity, Philips, and Samsung versus lower-tier brands by some competitors.

Overall, the breadth of bundle options, sizeable discounts, the inclusion of free accessories, product choices from quality brands, customization options, and warranty coverage make this one of the best fire rated bundle promotions in Singapore.

Terms and conditions of Fire rated awareness bundle promotion:

1)The bundle deals only apply to customers purchasing fire rated digital locks as part of the bundle. Customers buying fire rated digital locks separately are not eligible for the bundle offers.
2)Existing customers who have previously purchased fire rated digital locks can avail the gate bundles separately at the discounted bundle prices.

FAQs about this bundle

What are the powder coating color options for the mild steel gate bundle?
For the mild steel gate bundle, we offer standard powder coating in black and white colors. For other colors, there is an additional charge of $180.

How many fire rated digital lock models are available?
We currently have 10 different fire-rated digital lock models in the bundle. In the future, we plan to expand the range by adding more models.

What are the charges for installation and delivery?
For customers located anywhere in Singapore, we offer free installation and delivery for all our fire rated bundle products. For more information about our installation and delivery services, please contact our sales team.

digital lock sales
digital lock sales
Susan godigitallock contact
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