Fire safety, Re-imagined: Hafele DL7600 Fire Rated Digital Lock

fire rated digital lock

Despite rapid advancements in fire safety, key components have remained largely unchanged for decades in Singapore. While mechanical locks and keys were originally designed to secure doors, fire-rated locks perform the same function while also offering protection against fire.

But now, the Hafele DL7600 fire rated digital lock introduces a new level of innovation, intelligence, and adaptability to this critical life safety solution. It combines the durability of traditional fire-resistant locks with the convenience and control of digital access control, revolutionizing fire safety for the smart, connected world.

Fire Safety Basics

When it comes to fire safety, prevention is always better than cure. A solid plan can help reduce the risk of fire and minimize damage. This includes ensuring that all smoke detectors are functional and strategically placed around the house or building, as well as having a clear evacuation plan that everyone knows and practices.

In addition to prevention, it’s important to have tools in place for a quick response in case of a fire emergency. The Hafele DL7600 Fire rated Digital Lock has been tested and certified to resist flames, allowing ample time for fire responders to arrive on the scene and contain the fire.

Overall, taking fire safety seriously is crucial for protecting lives and property. By incorporating preventative measures and emergency response solutions like the Hafele DL7600 Fire rated Digital Lock, we can work towards reducing the devastating effects of fires.

Read on below to learn how generally a fire rated lock works!

How Fire rated lock work?

There are 3 components: The lock case, the handle and the cylinder. A fire rated door has three main components that work together to provide fire protection:

1)The lock case – The metal lock case provides the structural frame for the door. It is made of high-temperature materials that do not weaken or melt easily when exposed to fire. The lock case helps keep the door intact for longer during a fire.

2)The handle and cylinder – The handle and cylinder mechanism, along with the associated locking mechanism, are also rated to withstand high temperatures before failing. This prevents the door from popping open too soon.

Together, these components work to slow the spread of fire through a door in 3 key ways:

First – The fire-rated materials provide more time before weakening or melting.

Secondly – The locking mechanism prevents the door from swinging open too soon.

After that – In-tumescent seals and gaskets which applied around the edges and seams of the fire rated door automatically expand to seal any gaps, slowing the flow of heat into the doorway.

Hafele DL7600 Features

Check out these awesome features of this Fire rated lock :

fire rated lock

-5 different Authentications to Unlock: Fingerprint, RFID Card, Password, Mechanical Key & Bluetooth.

-Comes with Hafele smart home app: You can open an app on a smartphone using Bluetooth, facilitating settings, and checking history.

-By combining two of the three access methods—fingerprint, password, and key card—double verification is enabled.

-You can switch on the private mode or double locking mode from inside. Activating a locked-down mode from the inside helps prevent forcing or break-ins when occupants are present. Doors remain securely locked until intentionally opened from the inside.

-Z-wave module smart home Integration: It can integrate with smart home systems & be controlled and managed from a single app or interface. Doors can be locked/unlocked remotely with a tap of a button.

-Away mode and defense mode to strengthen security in case no one is home.

-Adjustable auto/manual locking mode (The digital lock allows you to monitor and control a time frame for when the door should close if it is left open).

Why is it proven as a fire rated Digital lock? 

fire rated digital lock

Here are the reasons:

1: Tested and Conformed to SS 332:2018+A1:2022 –

Hafele DL7600 meets Singapore’s strict fire safety standards. It is tested and conformed to SS 332:2018+A1:2022 as it means that it has been tested and certified to function for a rated time in high-temperature conditions and has achieved fire rating of 30 mins.

It underwent rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the latest requirements, guaranteeing exceptional fire resistance.

2: Cyclic testing passed up to 100,000 times –

Extensive cyclic testing subjected the lock mechanism to over 100,000 open/close cycles, verifying its ability to withstand high-volume usage while still retaining outstanding fire rating and durability. This ensures more excellent reliability and trust!

3: Tested and achieved fire rating of 30mins –

It has been tested and achieved a fire rating of up to 30 minutes for the Hafele DL7600. This means that both the lock and door are tested together to prove the effectiveness in resisting fire damage for up to 30 minutes. This is a testament to the product’s durability and reliability in emergency situations, providing added peace of mind for those concerned with fire safety.

Final words:

In an era where fire risks seem to grow ever more imminent, fire safety solutions must evolve along with danger. The Hafele DL7600 fire rated digital lock rises to this challenge through engineering that fuses the fire resistance of proven lock hardware with the adaptability and ease of digital access control.

This revolutionary lock combines mechanical mind and digital mind for unmatched security, convenience, and preparedness against present and future threats. It stands ready to safeguard lives and livelihoods not just today but for many years as it continues advancing to meet safety mandates forever changing.