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Guide To Choose & Buy Best Digital Lock In Singapore

This article will help you to choose the best digital lock for your new/resale house, office, or wherever you need...

As of our sales experience...

Is the installation included fee?
Ans: 100% Included

How many years of warranty for this digital lock?
Ans: 2 Years Warranty

What Type Of Battery Do do We need to use?
Ans: Double AA Lithium Battery ( Energizer / Duracell ) Brand

These are the questions we face often, You guys need to know several things before you buy the most suitable one!

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Are you Looking Digital Lock For Door?

Looking For Digital Lock on BTO's HDB or Condo main door or existing door or office entrance., and what are features you can choose to access your door. Accessing method via Smartphone app, Fingerprint, Passcode, RFID Card, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Mechanical Key.

So you must be clear When you plan to buy digital lock on additional features and with more way to open the lock compare to your regular classic lock home or office.

For Example, you are working outside and not at home, your Parent Or Relative are heading over. you can just remotely open the door lock using wifi function. If you select Samsung DP609 or Samsung DR708 Digital Lock means you can simply and securely unlock the door with your smartphone from anywhere.

* Be alerted on door lock status and remote command anytime and anywhere.
* Receive alerts when visitor touches the smart bell icon (the doorbell icon) on the touchpad. Your phone acts as your doorbell.
* Know who is coming home in real-time. Receive alerts when members of your family arrive home. Browse access history logs.
* Time worker (the regular visitor) can enter and exit your house only at a certain period of time. By setting a duration password, you can check when the worker entered and exited your house.
* Issue single-use temporary passwords for convenient visitor access.

If you do not need these kind features, you can opt to choose something more simple & cheap. there are different brand digital locks available with common features, Which do not have Wifi Function. But Other Common Feature like Fingerprint, Rfid Card. Then Samsung DP728, Kaadas K9, Kaiser H7090, Hafele PP8100, Clavis CMF-1000K these are the few digital locks recommended.

Just Tap and Go option is enough Office Room, Class Room & Store Room then go with Samsung 1321, Clavis crf-1000k, Schlage s510 these are digital locks saves your money.

Why HDB Metal Gate Is Need Digital Gate Lock?

The answer is very easy it gives double protection and to get some good ventilation. As per HDB regulation, the primary aim of installing double doors is to increase security and to reduce the crime rate.

Why is some digital door lock not able to install on your metal gate?
Regular digital door lock does not suit the metal gate as the visitor’s hand can reach the back of the lock while passing through the Gate to unlock it. We have Gate Digital lock designed for the Singapore gate for HDB & Condo flats, which its back design is unlike the conventional lock. These locks do not have a knob at its back to unlock the gate.

Kaiser+ Gate Lock, Loghome LH600MG, Loghome LH300MG, Hafele ER4600, these gate lock specially designed and manufactured for Singapore metal gates.

Especially Kaiser Gate Lock Now is the top-selling gate lock in Singapore. Normally you need to purchase an additional metal box to install a digital lock on the existing metal door. But For Kaiser+ Gate You Do not need to buy additional metal box Because There is only one button is for Lock, And cannot be open. So we don’t need the cover. So, there is no need for a security metal box, which can be either use to replace the existing gate handle or as a Secondary gate lock.

These locks we can install on the existing gate too, but before that we need to check the gate condition.

Now, If you are plan to purchase the Main door digital lock with a digital gate lock, you can go with some famous and best-selling digital lock bundles in Singapore (Samsung DP609 + Kaiser Gate Lock / Hafele PP8100 + Kaiser+Gate) & could have big saving.

As we said the first installation completely free. So you don't want to take the risk of DIY. Our Professionals do the things perfectly and give the complete instruction to you., Like to set up everything and sent additional videos and manual guide sent to your WhatsApp number too so just order we will take care of the rest. but most important is before installation we need to check your door condition. The existing door is able to install, but not all types of Lock can be replaced, Hence contact us for the professional to check for you.

The Setup For Digital lock is quite simple and easy, you can set & change it yourself too. not to worry that is it not so complex as you think.

Digital Lock Installation Service:

We provide a digital door lock installation service only too if you decide to buy from another country. our Installer is all equipped with years of experience, installed more than 5000 locks all around Singapore. Most of our customers are mainly from Lazada, Shopee, Carousell & Qoo10, or brought themselves from Korea/Us/Korea during the oversea trips.

We highly recommend homeowners without installation knowledge NOT to install themselves. You may unknowingly damage your digital door lock or your door. Installation instruction manual provided for most digital locks are for brand new doors only, or else you will end up paying a huge some for fixing the door or even paying for a brand new door. Please do not take the risk, unless you are prepared to change a new door, else let the professional do it at a small cost.

Some Common Faq Lock Problems Without Locksmith!

1) When trying to open the door with an unregistered card, key tag, or password 5 times, the alarm will sound and the Lock will be disabled for minutes automatically. So don't panic just wait the Next 3-5 minutes and try again.

2) How can I open my digital lock when the batteries are dead?
You can use a 9-volt battery to temporally Power up the door lock at the 9-volt contact point to power up the door lock. Then you can use your card, password, or fingerprint to enter.

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