Rim Lock Metal Gate

More than one way to get home.

4 Types of Authentications to unlock

Keypad security lockout

Keypad is disabled after several incorrect PIN code
attempts to ensure your property is always secure.

Masking security code

Heighten security and throw off onlookers by
entering random digits before your actual PIN code

Obstruction Alarm

The lock will sound an alarm if the bolt tongue cannot be
extended or retracted fully to alert the user of any obstructions.

Auto relock

The Mortise automatically relocks once
the door is shut to give you a greater peace of mind.

Low battery alert

An intuitive audio and LED visual alert will prompt
you to change the batteries when it runs low.

Emergency jumpstart

Easily jumpstart the Mortise with a 9V battery
as an emergency measure if batteries are drained.

Tamper alarm

The lock will sound an alarm if it is being pried
from the gate to alert and deter potential tampering attempts.

Fire Alarm

The lock will unlock automatically when
its sensors detect high temperatures.
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