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Digital Lock Installation Service

We provide digital door lock installation service only too if you decide to buy from other location. We are very experienced installers, installed more than 5000 locks all around Singapore. Most of our customer are mainly from Carousell & Qoo10, or brought themselves from South Korea during oversea trip.

Our prices ranges from $120 to $200 depending on the brand, model and type of door you have.

我们提供上门安装电子锁服务,如果你在网上还是到韩国买了最新的三星电子锁 (Samsung Digital Lock) , 耶鲁电子锁 (Yale Digital Lock) 或 Gateman 电子锁 (Gateman Digital Lock) 却不知道如何安装的话,那就请把专业的事情交给我们吧。我们的师傅有多年丰富经验,装过至少5000个数码/指纹电子锁。



We highly recommend home owner without installation knowledge NOT to install themselves. You may unknowingly damage your digital door lock or your door. Installation instruction manual provided for most digital locks are for brand new doors only, or else you will end up paying a huge some for fixing the door or even paying for a brand new door. Please do not take the risk, unless you are prepare to change a new door, else let the professional do it at a small cost.


Digital Lock Installation Service Price!

Affordable Pricing For You

Affordable Pricing For You

30 Day Workmanship Warranty Protection

Rim Lock, Deadbolt, Hook Lock, Claw Lock, Etc

Samsung SHS-1321, SHS-D600, SHS-3321, SHS-2620, DS705 - S$120
Gateman WF20/21, Z10, G-Swipe WV40/41/42/43, WK20/21/24 Etc - S$120
Yale 3110 / 4110 / YDF40 / YDR343 / YDR323 - S$120

Standard Mortise Lock

Samsung DP960, DP930, DR900, DR700, DP950, DP830, DP730, DP738 - S$150-S$160
Samsung H700, H630, H540, H520,Etc - S$150
Buildone / Hione H7000, H7090, Etc - S$150
Gateman WV200, WF200, Yale YDM4109, YDR3110, YDR4110, Etc - S$150
Xiaomi MiJia, Aqara S2, China Lock Etc - S$180 - S$200

Metal Gate Installation

Gateman WF20/21, Z10, G-Swipe, WK20/21/24, Etc - S$250
(Include Metal Box, Remote Control, Metal Plate)

Why Choose Us for Installation

We Have Ready Stock

We have All Digital Lock or Accessory Ready Instock in Our Warehouse

Best Workmanship

Our installers have installed numerous digital locks over the last 5 years thus you can expect the best workmanship that is worth the money you spent.

Free Consultation (WhatsApp 8782 8818)

Even if you are just considering to buy a digital door lock, drop us a message and we will be happy to help regardless if you engage us or not. No hard selling, we promise.

In Summary

No upsells, no hardsells, best workmanship, free consultation, great customer service whether you choose to engage us or not.

Some Popular Lock We have Installed


Digital Door Lock

  • SHS DP728 / P718 / P910
  • SHS DP727 / DP820
  • SHS P717 / P710 / P810 / P820
  • SHS H705 / H700 / H625 / H505
  • SHS 3320 / 3321 / 1321 / 2920

Digital Door Lock

  • YDM 4109
  • YDM 3109
  • YDR 4110
  • YDR 3110
  • YDR 323GN

Digital Door Lock

  • WF20, Z10, WK20, WK22
  • V100, V300, E100
  • F10 / WF10 / F10 Hook
  • V10, V20, WV20, S10
  • E100, F50, A20

Digital Door Lock

  • Schlage S6800, Schlage S7800
  • Kaadas K7, Kaadas K8, Kaadas M9
  • Hafele EL9500, Hafele EL9000 , Hafele EL8000
  • Any many more ...


Samsung SHS-2320 Digital Lock Potong Pasir
Samsung P718 Digital Lock Review
  • SGD$120
    per Installation
  • * Inclusive of Rebater for Double Leaf Door
  • * Tutorial after installation on how to use
  • SGD$130
    per Installation
  • * Inclusive of customized plate & faceplate
  • * Tutorial after installation on how to use
Had a very nice and pleasant experience with the seller. Gd product explanation after the door installation. You get to learn how to use the lock within few mins even without looking at the user manual. Nice!
Came punctually and installed the system seamlessly... Recommended.+++ Thank you!
Gateman is working fine and installation was fast. Reliable installer.
Friendly and helpful with all enquires. Installation done nicely. Recommended!
Highly recommended! Lock is installed by professionals and one of the veterans in the industry! Friendly and highly responsive to enquires!
Fast seller. Able to come right away with his tight schedule. Friendly and very patient with teaching on the use of product. Thank you!
Great service combined with a well known product equals superb customer experience! Thanks!
seller made the journey to deliver the item promptly and was detailed in explaining the works for the item. excellent
seller is solid & friendly. workmanship is perfect. highly recommended for those interested to install digital lock. there cant be a better deal!!
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