Your Phone is Your Key




Your Phone is Your Key

Philips 9300 fire rated digital lock

FIRE RATED Tested and Certified. Conformed to SS 332:2018+A1:2022

Philips 9300 fire rated digital lock

Philips 9300 fire rated digital lock

High Durability

The mortise comes with 4 functions: anti-prying, anti-dismantling, anti-sawing, and anti-collision.The stainless steel material is made with high hardness, is durable and non-rusting, and can withstand high temperature and fire.

Super C Grade Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder is the key component that controls the opening of the lock and is compared to the heart of a lock. Super C grade lock cylinder employs multiple anti-theft technologies with the unique design of the pin tumbler and vane structure, it is able to provide high deterrence against technical lock-picking.

High Speed And Security

The lock features a semiconductor fingerprint sensor, ensuring precise and rapid recognition in under 0.5 seconds. it leverages factors like human skin temperature and capacitance for identification, making fingerprint duplication, copying, or imitation impossible. This robust design effectively thwarts fake fingerprints or fingerprint films. With this, your smart life becomes seamless, swift, secure, and user-friendly.

Children And Pets Safety Lock

[Open]: A quick double-click on the button within one second unlocks the door, ensuring child and pet safety by preventing accidental unlocks.
[Close]: A single click on the button locks the door. A long press on the button activates the inside deadlock. To disable the inside deadlock, you can use the master PIN code or mechanical key. Additionally, you can enable or disable the inductive unlocking function by simultaneously pressing the [Open] and [Close] buttons.

Smart-lock Functions

Equipped with anti-dismantle, anti-prying, and outside forced lock alarms, as well as an Indoor Deadlock System and Manual touch sensing system for wake-up.

Fire Rated Tested

Fire Rated Tested to SS 332:2018+A1:2022 (cyclic tested up to 100,000 times) Tested fire rating of 30 mins.

Password Protection

Featuring advanced fake PIN code protection, ensuring the utmost security for your password.

Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys as a backup option to ensure access to the digital lock in unexpected situations.

Mute Function

Simply press the mute button to activate silent mode and disable the voice prompts.

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Tech Specs


Smart App
Passcode: 4 to 12 digits
Fingerprint: Up to 100 can be registered
RFID Card: Up to 100 can be registered
Mechanical Key: 2 EA
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (Optional)


DC 6V: 1.5V ‘A’ Alkaline Batteries (LR6)
DC 9V: Alkaline batteries (6LF22) *Sold separately*
Optional Accessories: Remote Control


Outdoor: 90 × 380 × 70mm
Indoor: 90 × 380 × 70mm


Warranty: 2 year
Fast & Accurate fingerprint recognition (0.9 sec)
Size in:78.5 x 394 x 69.5 mm
Power Supply:6V (alkaline battery, 1.5V x 8 tablets, size AA)
Operating temperature: -25ºC to + 55ºC

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