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Armored Glass Gate

  • Great security with comfort.
  • High durability.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Trendy gate in the Singapore market.



Armored Glass Gate in Singapore

An armored glass gate is a type of security gate made of multiple layers of laminated glass, reinforced with layers of poly carbonate or other materials. It is designed to be highly resistant to impact, shattering, and forced entry, providing a high level of security for residential or commercial properties.

Available ColourBlack, White, or Grey. Other Color (Call Sales Team For Additional Cost) ( 87828816 | 87828818)
Top Up $100Double Leaf(4x7Ft) Size Gate
Top Up $100Lasercut Unit Number
Stainless Steel Lever HandleFree
Installation & DeliveryFree
Onsite MeasurementFree
Warranty12 Month
Dismantle of old gateFree

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3×7 Ft, 4×7 Ft


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