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Best Dutch Door in Singapore | Modern Toilet Door Singapore

  • It gives better Ventilation.
  • It’s gives out a Natural light inside the bathroom
  • You can choose from a broad range of laminate designs
  • Completely customizable
  • Gives more attractive look than a standard louvered toilet door.
  • Free: Installation, on-site measurement, and delivery

Dutch Door for Toilet in Singapore

  • A Dutch door is a type of door split horizontally into two separate doors. Top and bottom halves can be opened independently.
  • The top half of this toilet Dutch door usually opens inward or outward on hinges. The bottom half remains closed and stationary. This allows air to circulate while providing privacy and security for the lower portion.
  • Dutch doors are commonly used as entryways for Kitchen spaces & storerooms, but having a Dutch door in the toilet/bathroom entrance would produce a much better look. They provide Ventilation and airflow pretty well than those louvered doors.
  • They are designed to match the other fixtures and trim in the bathroom for a cohesive look. The bottom half acts as a barrier when the top half is open.
  • Dutch doors have a unique, distinctive appearance and can add style and character to a bathroom/toilet. This toilet Dutch doors are available in many different styles, from simple panel doors to custom designs with glass and decorative features.
  • In short, a Dutch door is split into two separate openings where the top half provides Ventilation, visibility, and light. At present, we only offer this 3×7 ft size Dutch door. So that should be more than perfect for any HDB interiors!

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