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Kaiser+ 1590SNK Digital Door Lock

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Kaiser+ 1590SNK Door Digital Rim Lock Specification

Specially designed and developed for Singapore HDB Wooden Doors.

Authentication Methods:

Pass code
RFID tags
Remote Control(optional)
  • Technical Features:

    ColorDark Grey
    Access ModeFingerprint | Passcode | RFID
    Optional Access ModeWiFi | Remote Control
    FingerprintUp to 100
    PasscodeUpto 20
    RFID CardUpto 50
    Master Password1
    One Time Password1
    Mechanical Key1
    Warranty2 Years

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Latest reviews

  1. Darran Hong (verified owner)

    Very happy and satisfied with my purchase. Seller very prompt in contacting me to fix installation appointment. Fast and friendly installer, patient and good at giving instructions. Will recommend to my friends!

  2. Wei Jie (verified owner)

    Works great and installation was fast. very helpful to arrange an earlier installation date as I just moved in and needs it urgently

  3. Jun Wei (verified owner)

    Highly recommended. Very easy to configure users. Service is fast and good too.

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