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Kaiser+ M1590GNK Gate Digital Lock

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  • Fingerprint
  • RFID cards
  • Password
  • Mechanical Key
  • Remote
  • WiFi (Optional)



6 Ways Of Open Kaiser Gate Lock

Technical Features:

Access ModeFinger Print |Passcode | RFID |Mechanical Key | Remote
Optional Access ModeWifi
Finger PrintUpto 100
PasscodeUpto 20
Mechanical Key1
One Time Password1
RFID CardUpto 50
Fire AlertAnti Fire inbody, Automatic Door Open Over 70 C, Alarm Door Over70 C
Warranty2 Years

Normally you need to purchase an additional metal box to install a digital lock on the existing metal door… But In Kaiser+ Gate You don’t need to buy an additional metal box… Because there is only one button is for close… can’t open it.

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Latest reviews

  1. Lew Hui (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with my purchase of the KAISER + 1590 gate lock ! I’m also glad to have up to 100 fingerprints registered, 20 passcodes and one mechanical key. Plus, with a master password, one time password and wifi/bluetooth capabilities, I can rest assured that my security is top-notch. This provides me with ample options for different situations. Fingerprint recognition can store up to 100 fingerprints- which is more than enough for a normal HDB Flat owner like me, while the passcode allows up to 20 different codes. There is also a master password and one-time password option which adds great security – something often overlooked in locks these days. Overall, an amazing product that exceeds my expectations! Highly recommended for anyone needing reliable, modern security solutions!

  2. Chee Yong (verified owner)

    After researching, I decided to purchase this gate lock for my residential entrance. From the moment I use firstly, it was clear that this model is not only secure but also very user-friendly. The access mode options are in top versatility, I feel like everything is in my control. I especially appreciate being able to set up multiple users from my extended family too – 100 fingerprints and 20 passcodes were more than enough for all of us. After all, it’s from kaiser, and I bought it from Go Digital lock because of the positive reviews i have seen & Go Digital lock is simply the best! I’m glad that everything went well and took the right decision.

  3. Wu Guo Qiang (verified owner)

    “I am thrilled with my new Kaiser+ gate lock. I came to the showroom and I was super annoyed because there were so many gate locks, I have no idea which one is right for my gate, then I again measured the gate thickness and came up with this lock all thanks to the salesperson Evon for guidance! The main highlight of this lock is the fingerprint scanner, which can store up to 100 fingerprints and the passcode entry allows room for 20 passwords, while one master password and one-time password. I’m very excited to have this and the great decision that I installed this on to my wall art gate!”

  4. Kai Wen (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found the KAISER+ 1590 GNK biometric gate lock – it fits my home security needs perfectly! With its five access modes – fingerprint, passcode, RFID, mechanical key and optional remote access – it provides excellent control over who enters my home. I can view what’s happening on my home even if I leave home, everything is updated through my mobile with the kaiser app The installation people are very kind and good, as they came and installed in minutes, and now I can be peaceful because I have a digital lock as my security! I also heard Go digital clock is a 5 star brand, after getting this lock from them, I can tell you they’re 100% professional!

  5. Kai Wen (verified owner)

    Look nice and work well.

  6. Kai Wen (verified owner)

    Product is working fine. Installation was fast and efficient.

  7. Zhi Hao (verified owner)

    gate lock was fast to open Service is fast and good

  8. Ming Wei (verified owner)

    Fast to fix appointment and did the installation by 2 professional guys. They were helpful too!.

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