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Loghome LH-300GLC Digital Glass Door Lock

Loghome Digital Door Lock for Glass Doors LH300GC is the fastest way to add security to your glass doors. The package already includes a clip for double glass doors installation.

  • Pincode (3 to 19 digits)
  • RFID card access (max to 50)
  • Built-in fire detection sensor/alarm
  • Auto-Lock Capability
  • Internal/External dual lock mode
  • Force-open alarm
  • Emergency power terminal of 9V battery
  • Theft & Prank prevention (1minute stoppage after 5 straight wrong input)
  • Auto Card Detection



Loghome LH-300GLC Specification & Review

Basic Functions

  • Open/Close button: manual opening/closing in case of fire or other emergencies
  • Automatic/Manual Locking: can choose between automatic or manual locking of bolt once the door is closed. For automatic locking, time to lock can be changed from 2 to 9 seconds
  • External Dual Locking Function: door does not open in spite of pressing the open/close button from the indoor
  • Inside Dual Locking Function: door does not open even though a valid password from outside is entered
  • Emergency Power Supply: when a unit has zero battery, can use 9V Square battery to jump-start unit and enter using registered Pincode/RFID
  • Master Number Function: registered pin/RFID in this mode cannot be altered without knowing the master number, usually used for dormitories
  • Reset Function: bypass to the 1-minute shutdown of the system after 5 incorrect attempts
  • Locking Error Alert: generates an error tone when the door is not properly closed
  • Sound Volume: adjust the sound volume of tones

Safety Functions

  • Fake Number Function: hide your true Pincode by pressing random numbers before your real Pincode
  • Multiple attempt shutdown: after failure to input valid password in 5th attempt, the operation will not be available for 1 minute
  • Intrusion and Prank Prevention Function: generates an emergency alarm for 1 minute when there is an attempt to open a door by force
  • Fire Detection: when an indoor sensor of door lock detects a fire, it automatically opens the door for safety

Specifications of Loghome LH-300GLC:

    1. Power: 6V Alkaline Battery x 4 (AA Size)
    2. Battery Life: Average Use of 1 year (10x use per day)
    3. Emergency Power: 9V Rectangular Alkaline Battery
    4. Glass Thickness: 12mm
    5. Door Type: Swing Type (Single or Double, left or right hand)
    6. Door Material: Frameless Glass with a 1cm gap between the double door or doorjamb

Technical Features:

Access ModePasscode | RFID
Passcode3 to 19 Digits
RFID CardUp to 50
Built-in fire detectionSensor, Alarm
Out-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm71.5mm(W) X 161mm(H) X 18.8mm(D)
In-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm70.5mm(W) x 169.5mm(H) x 62mm(D)
Applicable Door Thickness (mm)40-50mm
Battery4x AA Batteries
Warranty2 Years

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