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Novita Hot/Cold Water Dispenser – W28

  • Ease of Navigation
  • Clock Display
  • Ambience Light
  • Front Filter Cover
  • Width 185mm
  • Removal Drip Tray
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Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W28 |Instant

Those who are always on the go would appreciate not having to spend additional time to wait for the water to boil or cool. Now, with W28, not only can you get fast dispensing quality purified water at up to ~1.5L/min, you can also have instant access to piping hot, refreshingly cool, and soothing room temperature water at just a finger tap away.

 Flexible Temperature Setting:

  • Room Temperature Water
  • Formula Milk
  • Warm Lemon Water
  • Honey Drink
  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Tea
  • Cup noodles

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