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Philips EasyKey Alpha Fire Rated Digital Lock | Door Lock Singapore

Authentication Methods

Fingerprint | RFID Tags| PIN Code | Mechanical Keys | Bluetooth | WIFI (If upgraded)| Mobile App
With dual verification and a C-grade lock cylinder


Philips Easykey Alpha Digital Lock |Free delivery and installtion

Philips EasyKey Alpha offers a simple yet speedy unlock and auto-lock feature, ensuring both convenience and safety. With dual verification and a C-grade lock cylinder, it’s a reliable choice for a smart life. Plus, its ergonomic design makes opening the door a breeze.

Technical Features:

Material Zinc alloy
Door Thickness 38-120 mm
Power Supply 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
Dimensions Front: 400 * 74.5 * 61 mm, Back: 400 * 74.5 * 61 mm
Smartphone App Philips EasyKey
Override Mechanical Keys 2
Fingerprint 100
Card 100
Master PIN code 1
User PIN code 10
One-time PIN code 1
Warranty 3 Years

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