Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock


Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock is one of the most affordable digital rim door lock in the market currently. This is an entry-level door lock that is extremely well suited for side doors (for a ground-level property) and room doors (rental properties) because of the password can only be changed with a master password. Stylish and elegant, yet simple to use, the Samsung SHS-1321 is one of the best selling electronic door locks in the market to date.

  • Slim Touch Screen Display Keypad
  • Register a password consisting of 4-12 digits
  • Register up to 20 RFID Devices
  • Double Locking Function (Can be programmed to use both password and RFID card to unlock the lock)
  • Emergency 9V Battery Terminal (When a battery is flat, a 9V battery can be used to temporarily power up the lock)
  • Auto-Lock Function (Can be programmed to lock automatically when a door is closed)
  • Built-in burglar and fire alarm (Alarm will go off when there is a fire or when the lock is forced open)


Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Lock Specification & Review Samsung SHS1321 Digital Lock

Samsung SHS1321 Digital Lock, For HDB, CONDO, BTO The most affordable RIM lock Digital Door Lock from Samsung, which is suitable for back door or bedroom

  • Mischief Prevention
  • Double-Locking Function
  • Emergency Battery Terminal
  • Automatic Door Lock Function
  • Fire Alarm & Emergency Door Unlock
  • Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Prevention
  • Touch Screen for Password

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Download: Samsung SHS-1321 Product Catalog | Samsung SHS-1312 User Manual


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