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Solity GEA-1000 BK Digital Door Lock



Solity GEA-1000 BK Digital Door Lock Specifications

Authentication Methods:

mobile app - go digital lockMobile App
PIN code
RFID tags
Physical key

1. One-step Fingerprint Recognition Push Door

New Experience of Automatic Fingerprint Recognition When You Hold The Handle
GEA-1000 BK recognizes fingerprint at the same time when you are pushing the door handle to open without struggling too much.
2. Innovative Door Opening Method
Push Pull Smart Door Lock Makes It Easy To Open The Door Even When Your Both of Your Hands Are Fully Carried With A lot Of Things
The push-pull method is designed with everyone’s safety in mind so that the door can be opened quickly.
3. Innovation in Home IOT Services
Start smart lOT service from now through smart phone door lock Connection
Smart Solity is Solity Smart Home Service that controls door locks from a short distance/long distance through smart phone door lock interlocking.
4. One-step Push Pull Door Lock
As a fingerprint authentication method used in smartphones, accurate and quick fingerprint recognition is possible with a fingerprint-type handle that integrates fingerprint authentication and handle.
It is a fingerprint-type handle that has been completely newly developed with the advance technology of Solity.
  • Smart Solity App Support via Bluetooth
  • Smart Solity App Support via Wi-Fi
  • Fast & Accurate fingerprint recognition (0.9 sec)
  • Ergonomic Push & pull design
  • Mechanic key support for emergency use
  • Free Installation

Technical Features:

Access ModeFinger print| Passcode | RFID Card | Mobile App | Mechanical Key | WiFi
Finger PrintUp to 100
Passcode4 to 12 Digits
RFID CardUp to 100
Mechanical key2
User PasswordUp to 4
OutDoor Dimension (W x H x D) mm90mm(W) X 380mm(H) X 70mm(D)
InDoor Dimension (W x H x D) mm90mm(W) X 380mm(H) X 70mm(D)
Water Resistant (W x H x D) mmYes
PowerDC 6V AA Alkaline Batteries x 4
Warranty3 Years (First 2 year full coverage, 3rd year parts only)

Digital convenience meets life-saving performance. Our fire rated locks upgrade your space with key less style and security. But when temperatures surge, their heavy-duty components and mechanisms are rigged to prevent fire from damaging or unlocking the latch from the door, the major role of this fire rated lock is resisting fire for a longer period and giving us an alert when a fire or smoke occurs nearby.

So, when crisis strikes, they’ll safeguard your access or lock down, allowing escape or limiting damage without fail. We advise you not to take advantage on cheap priced uncertified locks that that might risk lives, rather come explore our fire-resistant, certified and tested digital locks – as it can bring the future of home safety within reach.

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