Your Phone is Your Key




Your Phone is Your Key

solity GP 6000 BK digital lock

FIRE RATED Tested and Certified. Conformed to SS 332:2018+A1:2022

solity GP 6000 BK digital lock

solity GP 6000 BK digital lock

Intrusion and Breakage Alarm

Our digital lock is equipped with advanced sensors that promptly detect and trigger an alarm in the event of forcible breakage or abnormal intrusion, providing an additional layer of security.

Internal Double Lock Function

Upon activation, our digital lock securely locks all external functions, even if the correct passcode is entered from the outside.

Electric Shock Neutralisation

Our smart lock features a high voltage prevention circuit that effectively neutralizes any risk of electric leaks, providing an additional layer of safety and peace of mind.

Synchronized Unlock

Achieve seamless synchronization between Solity gate lock GD-65B by connecting them, allowing both locks to unlock simultaneously.

fire rated digital lock

Fake Pass-code

Offering you the convenience to input fake numbers, eliminating concerns about revealing your genuine pass-code.

Volume Setting

Easily adjust the volume to your desired level or choose the ‘Silent Function’ to mute the door lock’s sound according to your preference.

High Temperature Detection & Fire Alarm Detection

Our digital lock is equipped with a temperature sensor that detects indoor temperatures indicative of a potential fire (62 degrees ‡ 5 degrees). Upon detection, the lock generates a loud warning sound and automatically unlocks for safety purposes.

Water Resistant

No need to worry if you accidentally spill drinks on the smart lock! The GSP-2000BK comes with a water-resistant capability to keep it protected.

Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys as a backup option to ensure access to the digital lock in unexpected situations

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Tech Specs


Smart App
Passcode: 4 to 12 digits
Fingerprint: Up to 100 can be registered
RFID Card: Up to 100 can be registered
Mechanical Key: 2 EA
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (Optional)


DC 6V: 1.5V ‘A’ Alkaline Batteries (LR6)
DC 9V: Alkaline batteries (6LF22) *Sold separately*
Optional Accessories: Remote Control


Outdoor: 90 × 380 × 70mm
Indoor: 90 × 380 × 70mm


Warranty: 2 year
Fast & Accurate fingerprint recognition (0.9 sec)
Size in:78.5 x 394 x 69.5 mm
Power Supply:6V (alkaline battery, 1.5V x 8 tablets, size AA)
Operating temperature: -25ºC to + 55ºC

Solity GP 6000 Bk fire rated digital lock
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