Your Phone is Your Key




Your Phone is Your Key


FIRE RATED Tested and Certified. Conformed to SS 332:2018+A1:2022

Away Mode

Advanced security feature designed to provide an extra layer of protection for your home when you’re away. It is specifically tailored for those times when no one is present in the house, such as during vacations, business trips, or even daily routines when everyone is out for work or school.

Auto Locking

Designed to provide you with complete peace of mind with its automatic relocking feature, the mortise will securely lock itself immediately after you shut the door, ensuring that your home remains safe and protected all times.

Emergency Jumpstart

Easily jumpstart the lock with a 5V power bank via Micro USB port.

Double verification

The Double Verification Function is a powerful feature that enhances security and access control by requiring the combination of two out of three available access methods: fingerprint, password, and key card. This feature significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and increases the peace of mind for users.

Low Battery Alarm

User-friendly audio and visual alerts that provide intuitive notifications when the battery level is low, indicating the need for a battery change.

Privacy Locking Mode

Restrict access to your property by disabling all access modes, effectively preventing anyunwanted entries.

Voice Guide

The Voice Guide Feature is a valuable addition to our digital lock system, providing users with audio assistance and instructions in both English and Chinese languages.

Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys as a backup option to ensure access to the digital lock in unexpected situations

Silent Mode

The convenience of activating a silence mode whenever necessary.

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Tech Specs


SKU: RM2F (with Fingerprint) / RM2 (Non-fingerprint)
EAN: RM2 – 0712198882541 / RM2F – 0712198882558


Door type: Metal gates (Left/right) Gate thickness: 23 – 40mm / 1 – 2in


Front body: 73 (W) × 179 (H) x 24 (T) mm / 3 (W) × 7 (H) x 1 (T) in
Back body: 76 (W) x 196 (H) x 40 (T) mm / 3 (W) x 8 (H) x 2 (T) in


Modes of access (Entry): PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, RFID tags & stickers, Fingerprint (only applicable to RM2F)
Modes of access (Exit):  Bluetooth keys, Key Fob, Mechanical keys
Provided RFID lags & stickers: RFID tags – 1 pair | RFID stickers – 1 pair
RFID logs & stickers capacity: 100
Fingerprint capacity: 100 (only applicable to RM2F)
Power type: 4 AA alkaline batteries
Battery life: Up to 10 months
Battery Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C / 14°F to 122*
Emergency power type: 9V alkaline battery Provided mechanical keys


Gross (with packaging): 1.8kg(for both)

Net: 1.7kg(for both)


Front body: ABS, Aluminum DC, Acrylic

Back body: ABS, Aluminum DC, EPDM, Zinc die-cast


Warranty: 1 year
Certifications: IPS4
Protocols: Bluetooth 4.2, algoPIN™M technology
Usage: Advised to be installed under sheltered areas, not to be exposed to wot weather conditions
Country of origin: Designed in Singapore, made in Vietnam

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