4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Fire Rated Digital Lock

fire rated digital lock

Fire rated digital lock provide an essential level of safety and security for buildings and residences. However, before buying one, there are a number of important factors to consider to ensure it will function properly and provide optimal protection during an emergency.

Key aspects to evaluate include:

  • Verifying that your door is fire rated.
  • Checking if the lock follows relevant Singapore standards.
  • Requiring certification and approvals.
  • Purchasing from an authorized dealer.

Read the entire article to know more in-depth about those 5 things you need to notice before you Purchase Fire Rated Digital Lock:

Fire rated digital locks must Follow Singapore Standards:

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The most important thing to look for when buying a fire rated digital lock is whether it follows Singapore Standards. These standards are implemented to ensure that the lock meets specific safety requirements, particularly in the event of a fire.
Ensure the lock you choose has SS 332:2018+A1:2022 standard & It’s important to ensure that any lock you purchase adheres to Singapore fire regulations.
Unlike any standard lock, having a fire lock that follows the fire regulations makes it function properly even in extreme heat conditions. Additionally, locks that comply with these standards will have been tested rigorously for their durability and reliability.

Fire Rated Digital lock Must be Tested and Approved

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When buying a fire rated digital lock, you need to make sure that it is been tested & approved by relevant authorities is crucial.
A trustworthy digital lock should have undergone rigorous testing procedures to determine its effectiveness in case of a fire outbreak. Having an approved fire rated digital lock guarantees its safety and quality.
Our digital locks have undergone a cyclic test up to 200,000 times, making them reliable and more trustworthy. An approved fire rated lock will conduct several tests to ensure it functions without any problems.
Choosing an untested or unapproved digital lock can be risky as it may not offer the expected protection during a fire emergency.
For instance, some locks may fail to operate due to heat damage or lack of proper insulation, which could lead to fire spreading out of the property and may also lead to severe injuries to us as well as occupants inside the unit.
Therefore, verifying the certification of any fire rated digital lock before purchasing it is crucial.

Fire rated Digital locks must be Certified & Listed in CoC:

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Just take a look at these incredible features it offers:

Before making a purchase, one factor to think about a fire rated digital lock is whether it is certified and listed in CoC (Certificate of Conformity). This certification ensures the product has undergone rigorous testing and meets specific safety standards.
It also means that the manufacturer has complied with all necessary regulations, which gives buyers a sense of peace knowing they have a reliable product.
Furthermore, being listed in CoC means that the digital lock has been tested for its resistance against fire. The lock must be able to withstand high temperatures for a certain amount of time. This certification guarantees the lock will not fail during an emergency such as a fire outbreak.

Buy a fire rated digital lock from an Authorized Seller:

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The final thing to remember when shopping for a fire rated digital lock is to ensure you buy from an authorized seller/dealer.
This is important because counterfeit products are rampant, and buying from an unauthorized dealer exposes you to risks such as substandard quality, invalid warranties, and lack of customer support.
An authorized seller guarantees that the product you’re purchasing is genuine and meets all quality standards.
They also assure us that the attached warranty will be valid if any issues arise with your purchase.
Their customer service team can help answer any questions or concerns about the product before, during, and after your purchase.

To Summarize :

Fire rated digital locks can be perfect when chosen carefully by the right supplier. Following the guidelines discussed in this blog will help buyers make an informed decision that minimizes risk.
Remember to double-check that your door is fire rated, look for locks with relevant certifications and listings, ensure the lock has undergone comprehensive testing, and buy from an authorized dealer for the greatest peace of mind regarding product quality and warranty coverage.
We can provide you with a high-quality lock that complies with the information listed above if you need the best Fire rated digital lock. Currently, we sell trustworthy brands like Solity, Hafele, Samsung, igloohome, and Philips that have fire rated locks.
However, in the near future, we intend to put a greater focus on adding a variety of fire rated digital lock models from other brands while stopping to advertise our non-fire rated locks.