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Digital Door Lock F.A.Q

A digital lock is an electronic lock that is operated by alkaline batteries and it can be open with your fingerprint(biometric), card access, digital pin code (password) and emergency key (mechanical key).

* Emergency key is only available to certain model only

Digital door lock bring your convenient and high security to you and your family member. It is also very popular for office use as you do not need to headache when you lost your key, worry if your key has been picked up by someone or has the key being duplicated by anyone.

You have the full control of your digital door lock, you can choose when to remove/add or change away any setting on the digital door lock.

It is suitable for :

  • Elderly, that is tend to forgetful or losing keys as these digital door lock has auto-locking features.
  • Busy professionals, keyless solution bringing you more security and convenience.
  • Children, help and save you trouble when they lost their keys.
  • Domestic helpers, no more worry that they might duplicate keys as they will be using their fingerprint for access.

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We are a team of professional that is in this field for the past 5 years. We provide 24hrs 7 day warranty & support services, which is very important when you need help and we are here for you.

  • 24/7 Warranty & Support
  • Pay only if it fits
  • 2 Years warranty for Yale & Samsung digital lock
  • Free installation
  • Free consulatation

Our sales person are all very friendly and willing to assist your to find your most suitable digital door lock within your budget. Feel free to call us anytime, we will guide you to find your suitable digital door lock for your door.

Simply SMS / WhatsApp us the following photo and we will follow up with our professional advise on which digital door lock suits your home.

  • Front view of the current door lock
  • Back view of the current door lock
  • Side view of the current door lock
  • * Measure the distance of the wooden and the metal gate (If you have metal gate)

You only pay if it fits, we will not charge a single cents if it does not fit.

We are confident that most of our digital door lock will fit into your door as these lock are design for Singapore & Southeast Asia, unless you have a different or custom made door catered for your home.

Installation of digital door lock will take about 30mins to 1 hour depending on the model of digital door lock you choose.

It is a MUST to install a door closer for warranty to be valid (requirement by Yale & Samsung digital door lock distributor). This is to avoid damaging your digital door lock through the slamming of the door; a soft closing will help prolong the life span of your digital door lock.


A door closer is mechanical device that help closes a door softly to prevent door damage from slamming and also help to stop smoke from leaking when a fire breaks out.

We accept the following payment mode:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Cheque Payment (Payble to "Go Digital Lock Pte. Ltd.")
  • Bank Transfer to OCBC Current Account
    • 686-xxxxxx-001 (Check with us)

Our 24hrs 7 days support hotline, you can also SMS / WhatsApp.

+65 8781 8818

(Its advisable to capture and send us a video of your problem you encounter, this way will help us to slove your problem quickly


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