Door Thickness: Ensure Compatibility with the Best Door Viewer in Singapore


Knowing if your door is the right size is super important when picking the best digital Door Viewer in Singapore. A lot of People forget about this part, but making sure your door fits perfectly with your chosen Door Viewer is key for it to work well and keep you safe. Let’s talk about why door thickness is a big deal and how it affects picking the best digital Door Viewer for your place in Singapore.

Why Door Thickness Matters

  1. Fitting: Door Viewers are made for different door thicknesses. It’s essential to match your door’s thickness with the Door Viewer’s needs for the right setup and performance.
  2. Safety: A Door Viewer that fits well makes your home safer by giving you a clear view of who’s at your door. If your door is too thick or thin for the Door Viewer, it might blur the image and cause problems during installation, putting your safety at risk.
  3. Performance: The thickness of your door affects how well the Door Viewer works. If it’s on a door with the wrong thickness, it might not fit properly, increasing the chance of damage or malfunction over time.
  4. Looks: Door thickness not only impacts function and safety but also affects how your Door Viewer appears. Having the right fit improves your entryway’s appearance, enhancing your home’s style.
  5. Durability: Picking a Door Viewer that matches your door’s thickness means it fits tightly and lasts longer. This lowers the risk of early damage and ensures your Door Viewer stays in good condition for years.

Choosing the best digital door viewer in Singapore

If you’re excited about adding a smart digital door viewer to your smart home setup and have installation plans, the next crucial step is to explore models with advanced camera capabilities. With various options available in the Singapore door viewer market, it’s important to narrow down and choose one that suits your specific needs. At Godigitallock, we’re proud to offer a carefully selected range of high-quality digital door viewers. These devices come with exceptional cameras, integrated processors for seamless connectivity with your smart doors, reliable performance, and convenient disassembly and charging options. Here listed the type of top best door viewers in Singapore.

Xeno X1 Fire Rated Digital Door Viewer

Upgrade your home security with the Xeno X1 Fire Rated Digital Door Viewer. A high-resolution camera, wide-angle view, and fire-rated design ensure advanced protection. Experience safety and innovation in one.

Meet the XENO Fire Rated Door Viewer – a perfect fusion of security and safety. Engineered to offer unmatched protection without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality, our fire-rated door viewer exemplifies innovation and quality.

Why are these top picks:

Fire Resistance

Ensure added safety with our fire-resistant design.

Easy Installation

Effortlessly set up your device for quick functionality.

Elegant Design:

Enhance your space with a stylish and sophisticated look.


Experience long-lasting performance and reliability.

Enhanced Security

Elevate your safety measures with advanced security features.

Elevate your safety with the powerful functions embedded in our product.

OwlBell S62 Wi-Fi Digital Door Viewer

Prepare to identify visitors at your doorstep with the OwlBell S62 digital door viewer, enhancing your smart home experience.

  • IPS Display Screen: Clearly see outsiders at a glance with the IPS display screen.
  • Motion Detection: Activates human sensation, capturing photos or videos when someone is within 1-2 meters from the door.
  • Infrared Night Vision: Equipped with 4 infrared night vision lamps, ensuring clear visibility even in low light. Automatic night vision activation enhances security.
  • Note: Memory chips are required for photo/video storage

Why are these top picks:

  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Speech Intercom
  • Video Call
  • Ultra-Wide Angle
  • Built-In Doorbell
  • Motion Detection
  • Operating System
  • Anti-Theft Design
  • Super Long Standby
  • Easy Installation

Philips Digital Door Viewer

Prepare to upgrade your front door with the Philips Door Viewer. Its sleek design, compact features, 170° ultra-wide-angle lens, noise-cancelling infrared night vision, and 24-hour AI human body detection enhance home security.

The door viewer features a 170° ultra-wide-angle lens, noise-cancellation infrared night vision, and 24-hour AI human body detection for enhanced security. Simple installation with built-in magnets and reinforced cable ensures durability. Receive real-time visual calls on the mobile app when the doorbell rings.

Why are these top picks:

  • HD Ultra-Wide Angle 170 Degree Lens
    • Enjoy a broad view with a 170-degree lens.
  • Two-way Video Intercom
    • Communicate seamlessly through the door viewer.
  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring
    • Stay informed with continuous surveillance.
  • Push Notification to Mobile App
    • Receive instant alerts on your mobile device.
  • Internal Storage 4GB Available
    • Ample space for local storage.
  • Cloud Storage Available
    • Access additional storage options.
  • 2 Years Warranty
    • Enjoy peace of mind with a two-year warranty.

Spotmau Digital Door Viewer X3

Cutting-edge technology enables communication with visitors even when you’re away. Get clear, high-quality video updates on your door’s surroundings from anywhere. The 2-megapixel wide-angle camera ensures a detailed view and HD video updates of external activities.

Why are these top picks:

  • Digital Smart Door Peephole Viewer

  Elevate your door’s security with advanced digital technology.

  • Home Surveillance via Smartphone

   Monitor your home remotely through Wi-Fi.

  • Surveillance Anywhere/Anytime:

   Stay connected, even when overseas.

  • Infrared Night Vision

         Ensure clear visibility in low-light conditions.

  • 2-Way Communication Method

    Communicate with visitors from anywhere, even when away.

  • Get Instant Alerts

    Receive immediate notifications for enhanced security.

  • Digital Smart Door Peephole Viewer:

    Transform your door with advanced digital technology.

Owlbell w3 HD Digital Door Viewer

Featuring a large 4.5-inch high-definition screen and a wide-angle lens with a 115-degree view, ensuring you won’t miss any visitors. Equipped with infrared night vision for clear visibility day and night. The anti-peeping design keeps the inside of your house private. User-friendly and easy to set up. Enhance memory with a micro SD card (up to 32GB, card not included). Comes with a 3-month warranty for added peace of mind.

Explore our latest collection of wireless digital door viewers and doorbells for your home. Innovative technology lets you identify visitors even when you’re away. Utilize the 4.5″ LCD to easily see who’s outside before opening the door.

Eques A30 Veiu Mini Digital Door Viewer

The Eques VEIU Mini 3 offers an excellent means to monitor your home. With the upgraded A27 version, now survey your home through the Smartphone App using Wi-Fi!

Why are these top picks:

1080P HD Camera:

  • Auto Focus and Clear Picture with Clear Glass Lens.

Huawei Wi-Fi Chip:

  • Incomparable Speed and Stability.

180 Degree Wide Angle:

  • Wide-angle View for Clear Detection.


  • Easy Installation and Battery Management.

IPS Touch Screen:

  • 178 DPI Sharp Monitor Color Screen.

PIR Motion Detection:

  • Detects Intruders.

Video Intercom:

  • Simplifies Communication.

Night Mode:

  • Auto Light Balancing for a Clear View in Dark or Bright Scenes.

High-Capacity Battery:

  • Long-Lasting Duration Function.

Easy Installation:

  • Female-Friendly, Set up within 8 minutes.

Cloud Storage:

  • Recordings can be stored for viewing when necessary.