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SALES : 87828816 | 87828818

Schlage Digital Door Locks – Control And Access From Anywhere

Schlage digital door locks progress rapidly with the advancement in technology that includes patented push-pull handle, fingerprint/card/Password access, and a voice guide, to easily access your home. The internal and external push-pull handles of Schlage digital door locks can be easily and securely set depending on the opening direction of the door. Unlocking is made simple with the access using the Smartphone App using Bluetooth, a fingerprint reader with the latest technology. Also, with some models, you can store up to 100 fingerprints, and adding or deleting Passwords, cards, and fingerprints is simple.

Hafele Digital Lock – A Smart Security for Every Home

Hafele digital locks greatly contribute to adding function and style to the main door at the entrance improving its overall look. This lock is attached to main doors and gates and is specially designed to work with the features like Bluetooth, voice guide, fingerprint access, etc to impart excellent safety, comfort, and convenience. Its integrated range of digital home security solutions allows you to control multi-dimensional aspects of home access through a single locking device. You can also combine two access modes to provide ‘smarter security’ and ‘specified access’ to your home. Consider visiting

11 Outstanding Features of Kaiser+ Digital Locks to Secure Your Home

Kaiser+ digital locks are specially designed and innovated to greatly match Singapore’s metal gates and main door, whether it is HDB or condo. Kaiser+ digital door locks, gate locks, or glass door locks offer you with easy access options that grant you maximum security, comfort, and convenience. This digital lock is quite user-friendly with advanced access and security options to make your life more simple. Do check out this digital lock at our Go Digital Lock showroom and make your purchase.

What are the access options for Kaiser+ digital door

12 Incredible Features of Solity Digital Door Locks

Solity digital door locks are incredibly designed with quick and accurate fingerprint recognition to allow you solid security and comfort for your property. Its amazing features allow you quick access and greatly safeguards your belongings with a keyless solution. If you are looking to install this lock at your entrance do visit our Go Digital Lock showroom and make your purchase. Best features of Solity digital door locks
  • Smart access with a fine touch
Solity digital door locks use

Choose Best Retro Design Gates for Your Home

We Singaporeans love to prefer retro designs whether it’s interior decor or fixing the gate at the entrance, right? The design here basically evolved from Singapore's retro period itself. They are inspired right from the 1950s to the 1970s and are still recreated in this modern era. So, if you are renovating your home and replacing an old gate with a new gate or want to attach an entrance gate for your new home, you must prefer to visit our Go Digital Lock showroom and choose the best retro design gates from here.

6 Factors to Consider while Buying Digital Door Locks

Are you purchasing the digital door lock for the first time? It's a bit confusing to choose the best lock for you, right? Well, be relaxed! In this article, you will find some interesting factors you need to consider while buying digital door locks. There’s no doubt that digital door locks allow you numerous benefits right from providing keyless solutions to incredibly securing your property with different amazing features. It’s time to replace traditional locks with the latest digital door locks.  1) Different Features to Unlock Your Door Read more

8 Amazing Features of Philips Digital Door Lock

Want to know the wonderful features of Philips digital lock? Philips digital locks are known to make your life wonderful with their innovation and design. Their advanced features like auto-locking, dual verification unlocking, and fake Pincode offer you top-grade security, reassurance, and comfort. Besides these, it also offers you extraordinary features keeping your property safe and allowing you more convenience. If you are looking to provide high security to your property with the help of Philips digital door lock, do visit our Go Digital Lock showroom and make your purchase. Read more

5 Amazing Benefits of Laminate Doors That Wonderfully Beautifies Your Home

Are you fond of laminate doors? Laminate doors are frequently used in our homes or units whether it's the main door, bedroom door, etc. They greatly help in offering a classic and royal look to your home that excellently matches your interior decor with its well-maintained and organized structure, unique designs, and fascinating colors. Laminate doors are available of outstanding quality, elite-looking, cost-effective, environment friendly, trendy, and allows you to choose the color of your choice that will add value to your home. Consider visiting our Go Digital Lock showroom to purchase premium

How to Rectify Your Digital Door Lock?

Digital Door locks provide you with incredible support in terms of security and comfort. There is no risk and responsibility of carrying keys. But, sometimes with the overuse of digital door locks for many years they tend to fall apart or not function properly. So, here are some tips and tricks to rectify your digital door locks. Before diving to fix the problem that occurred to your digital door lock, first and foremost you need to identify the issue. Consider replacing the batteries of your lock regularly. This significantly resolves most

4 Best Points Why You Should Prefer Digital Door Locks Over Traditional Locks

Imagine if there were no locks in place in our society, strangers or intruders would have easily entered our home stealing our property. By locking your home or unit you keep your property and belongings safe. Are you still confused about whether to purchase digital door locks or not? Well, this insight will be helpful to clear your doubts. You will get a clear overview of the advantages of digital door locks over traditional locks. Locking your home or unit is the most essential step taken to safeguard your property or
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