Comparison of Kaiser and Samsung’s Digital Locks

This article will discuss the differentiation between Kaiser digital locks Singapore and Samsung digital locks Singapore. Both are excellent choices for those looking for a reliable and secure digital lock. But, some significant differences between the two could make one a better option for you than the other.

We’ll discuss some of the most vital and crucial factors to consider when deciding to ensure you choose the right lock for your needs.

Features: Kaiser Digital Lock vs. Samsung Digital Lock

Kaiser Plus digital locks

  • Designed for Singapore metal gates
  • glass lock, push-pull handle lock, rim lock model, and deadbolt lock models are available
  • They do have locks that come for both doors and gates
  • The door thickness size is 50mm minimum
  • They are made of All Die Casting / Flame Retardant ABS
  • They are graded with Professional certification & ISO 90001

Samsung digital locks

  • Available in a push-pull model, lever handle model, rim lock model, and deadbolt lock models.
  • Size of Door to gate allowance from 65mm to 180mm
  • Applicable locks for gates and doors
  • Clearance From the Door Edge is 120 (mm)
  • You can set up a security code

Kaiser’s Digital Lock


  • Kaiser digital locks are solid and durable, making them virtually impossible to break into.
  • They’re also very convenient to use – you can easily set and change codes with the touch of a button.
  • Kaiser digital locks come in various stylish designs that complement any home d├ęcor.
  • They are affordable digital locks
  • This lock uses 6 different methods to open the door, including a fingerprint scanner, password entry, card reader, override key, and remote (optional). 
  • The automatic locking function ensures that your home is always secure, while the battery replacement alert prevents surprises. 
  • Fire alert -In case of fire, the Kaise digital lock will also send out a warning to ensure your safety and more click here to check a list of their advantages

Samsung Digital Lock


  • It is a well-known brand that provides High-quality digital locks.
  • They are IMDB-approved.
  • The Kaiser digital lock is the perfect way to keep your home or office secure. With fingerprint unlocking, the mobile app unlocks, NFC unlock (Android), keypad unlocking, and mechanical overriding key options, you won’t ever need to be concerned about losing your keys again.
  • You can connect with WiFi and smart bell notification features and always stay connected and informed.
  • With its arrival notification, duration password, one-time password, and random security code feature, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe.
  • And finally, the in & out user logs make tracking who comes and goes easy.

Conclusion: Which One is Better? Kaiser or Samsung?

When selecting, there are a few things to remember between Kaiser and Samsung digital locks. Ease of installation, price, and features are some of the main things to consider.

 Kaiser digital locks are known for their easy installation. They’re also inexpensive, making them a fantastic choice for those on a tight budget. Samsung is also a great one to consider, when it comes to digital locks for Singapore. Both are reliable and secure in their own standards

Samsung digital locks are a little more expensive than Kaiser digital locks, but kaiser digital locks offer more features. Samsung comes with the edge with its quality. The homeowner can choose from a variety of colors and finishes to match their home’s style. They also offer Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect your smartphone to the lock and use it as a keyless entry system.

If you want a reputable brand, go for Samsung because it is a well-known brand. Still, kaiser is just a whole other level compared to Samsung because kaiser is a brand dedicated to manufacturing only digital locks ensuring quality and affordability. You can expect the same from Samsung in addition they have their brand reputation.

Here we have discussed Kaiser Digital Locks and Samsung Digital Locks. Now it’s up to you which one to choose!!