Nikawa Safe is the sister brand of Nika Safe, and another safe box brand comes with 24/7 technical support. Nikawa safes are specially designed for home, office and commercial use.

Nikawa safe boxes give you peace of mind knowing that vital documents, electronic media, photos, petty cash, and other valuables are safeguarded. All the Nikawa safes are fire resistant up to 1 hour, water-resistant against sprinklers and fire hoses, and equipped with superior security features such as magproof design, seamless steel body, hinge side deadbolts and up to 6 solid locking bolts. These security features are also called “Triple Threat Protection”.

There are three series of Nikawa safes: Nikawa SWF Combination Safe, Nikawa SWF Electronic Safe, and Nikawa SWF Fingerprint Safe. Nikawa SWF Combination Safe operates without batteries; Nikawa SWF Electronic Safe and Nikawa SWF Fingerprint Safe come with override key for emergency.

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