V-Fold Toilet Door

VFOLD Aluminum Folding Door Very Quiet, Smooth & High Quality Toilet Door, Similar To An Aeroplane Toilet Door !!

Silently Smooth:

  • Silent action on closing the door, thanks to its whisper quiet innovation.
  • Smooth easy operation with a push of a finger.

Airtight Soundproof:

  • Improved soundproofing & air tightness.
  • Silent closing & better sound insulation once closed.
  • Rubber strips help stop water from escaping

Safe & Strong:

  • Impact resistant, secure locking mechanism.
  • Impact resistant aluminum hinge & door panel.
  • Resist up to 80 kg weight when open halved.

In our aesthetics and elegant designs and patterns, you will find our efforts in creating product’s value to bring you a comfortable and colorful life style.

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