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Aqara G3 Camera Hub

An AI-powered camera compatible with Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa.

Features include:

  • Infrared control
  • 360° rotation
  • Automatic cruising
  • Tracking capabilitiy

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Camera functions with comprehensive compatibility and controls, all powered by artificial intelligence.

An exceptionally capable camera.

360° Pan and Tilt. 2K Resolution. Type-C Port. 5GHz Wifi.

The Aqara G3 Camera Hub offers a comprehensive set of features to meet all your needs. With a 110° wide-angle lens and pan-and-tilt motors, it delivers a 360° viewing experience. The camera boasts a high-resolution 2304 x 1296 pixel sensor, capturing videos rich in detail. Additionally, it incorporates a Type-C USB port, serving not only for power but also supporting high-definition video output through the UVC protocol.

It supports connectivity on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi networks, ensuring you never need to concern yourself with network compatibility.

In addition to these, the Aqara G3 includes the essential features commonly anticipated in any home monitoring camera:

  • Night vision functionality
  • Motion detection
  • Recording to Micro SD card (up to 128 GB)

Universal Compatibility

The Aqara G3 is compatible with leading smart home platforms, allowing you to link your camera and watch video streams seamlessly via Google Home, Alexa, or Apple Home using the Apple HomeKit Secure Video protocol.

The Aqara G3 provides access and customization through the Aqara Home app, conveniently available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, in addition to other smart home platforms.

Recognition powered by local AI.

Furnished with a robust NPU processor, the Aqara G3 possesses the ability to conduct facial, gesture, people, and pet recognition using AI, all processed locally within the camera.

Leveraging this advanced AI technology enables the creation of personalized automations, including:

  • Sending push notifications to your phone, updating you when a person arrives home – for instance, “Kate arrived home!”
  • Automatically powering off when it identifies your presence upon your arrival.
  • Gesture recognition capabilities, allowing you to configure automation triggered by recognized hand gestures.

Automated cruising and tracking functionalities.

Manage the pan and tilt motor of your camera through the smartphone app, and take it a step further by automating its direction.

Illustrative scenarios:

  • Briefly observe the living room for 10 seconds, followed by a 30-second view of the dining room.
  • Activate camera tracking whenever the system recognizes a dog.
  • In response to the window sensor reporting an open window, orient the camera towards the window.

Privacy and Encryptions

The Aqara G3 camera prioritizes privacy. Camera data streams undergo encryption, and the camera supports the latest WiFi security standards to safeguard your data. Additionally, it holds certifications from Apple, Google, and Amazon, ensuring compliance with the stringent security and privacy standards of their respective systems.

Furthermore, the Aqara G3 includes a hardware privacy protection mode that users can activate either manually or automatically. In this mode, the camera lens retracts into the body, revealing an endearing, sleepy face!

Control and Automate Additional infrared Appliances

The integrated infrared (IR) controller in the Aqara G3 transforms conventional appliances into smart devices. This encompasses a wide range of appliances controlled through remote devices, such as air-conditioners, fans, air purifiers, and TVs. After integrating your appliance into the Aqara Home app, you can schedule time-based automation, give voice commands, and utilize various other smart home functions.

Secure Video Integration for Apple HomeKit

A Focus on Privacy

The Aqara G3 offers complete compatibility with HomeKit Secure Video, ensuring end-to-end encryption directly to Apple’s servers. Set up your Aqara G3 Camera effortlessly with the Apple Home app on your iPhone, eliminating the need for any external apps. Access and review your camera footage seamlessly using any of your Apple devices, with recordings directly uploaded to Apple iCloud without passing through additional servers.

Leveraging Apple HomeKit Secure Video provides control over privacy-focused settings, allowing you to disable the camera from streaming and recording when you’re at home and enabling it only when you leave. This feature also introduces new possibilities for interacting with the camera and your home, such as two-way audio, facial recognition, and activity zones.


  • To serve as a HomeKit hub, you need a HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple TV, or iPad.
  • Recording to Apple iCloud requires a minimum 50GB iCloud storage plan.
  • You have the option to use the camera with both the Apple Home app and the Aqara app if you choose.
  • The Aqara G3 Camera hub is fully functional using the Aqara app, available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Apple Home does not support pan/tilt movements, tracking, and other advanced features of the Aqara G3, which are available on the Aqara Home app.

HomeKit Alerts and Defined Activity Areas

Configure the Aqara G3 Camera integrated with the Apple Home app to send notifications to your Apple devices when it detects motion in its frame, serving as a fundamental security feature To enhance this capability, Apple Home provides the option to specify notifications for particular types of motion—such as those caused by people, animals, and/or vehicles—offering a versatile range of choices to avoid false alarms. This way, you won’t receive notifications for minor movements, like your curtains swaying.

Furthermore, the Aqara G3 Camera supports the tracking of activity zones, enabling notifications for motion detection related to people, animals, or vehicles only within a designated area of the frame.

Facial Recognition Enabled for HomeKit

The Aqara G3, integrated with Apple HomeKit Secure Video, conducts facial recognition with AI processes taking place on your Apple device rather than in the cloud. It can identify faces from your iCloud Photo Library and send notifications when your family members arrive home.

Requirements for this functionality include iOS/iPadOS/tvOS 14 or higher. Note that HomeKit facial recognition is an independent Apple feature and is not connected to the Aqara G3’s onboard recognition systems.

Two-Way Audio Enabled for HomeKit

The Aqara G2H camera, accessible through the Apple Home app, facilitates immediate voice calls from a distance. It features an omnidirectional, noise-canceling microphone with a maximum pickup range of 5 meters. Additionally, it boasts a maximum speaker volume of 85 decibels, ensuring clear communication.

Your Intelligent Home Hub
A Camera that Functions as a Zigbee Wireless Smart Hub

The Aqara G3 Camera serves as a dual-purpose smart home hub. It allows you to connect and manage up to 64 other Aqara devices, forming a comprehensive home automation and remote monitoring solution.

Utilizing Zigbee 3.0 technology, each smart home sensor, switch, or bulb connects via Zigbee wifi to the G3, eliminating the need to connect directly to your home wifi network. This not only reduces the load on your main router and internet traffic but also enhances the robustness of connectivity among your smart devices. Additionally, Aqara smart devices can operate on batteries for up to two years.

The Aqara G3 provides full compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa. You can seamlessly integrate your Aqara smart devices into your Apple or Google Smart home, enabling interaction with other devices, even those from different brands, within your smart home.

  • Setting up an Apple Home or Google Home may require additional devices from Apple or Google.
  • Zigbee’s wireless technology has range limitations, which can be extended by using repeater devices or connecting farther devices to another Zigbee hub in the area.
  • Devices linked to different Aqara hubs within the same home are interconnected and can interact.

Seamless and Persistent Smart Connectivity

Owning an Aqara G3 camera is the key to embarking on your smart home journey. Say goodbye to the era of costly systems with proprietary software and cumbersome hardware that demands extensive rewiring and renovations.

Aqara’s smart home systems and devices offer affordability, modularity, and extensive compatibility. Setting up the Aqara G3 in your Apple Home or Google Home is a breeze, and any Aqara smart devices connected to the camera seamlessly integrate into your Apple or Google Home.

Aqara provides a diverse range of smart devices, all featuring a sleek aesthetic. Many sensors can operate for two years on a single battery, eliminating the need for rewiring. With an Aqara G3 at your disposal, it’s now convenient to select and acquire what you need—whether it’s sensors, switches, or other devices—and effortlessly and economically incorporate them into a single room or your entire house. The choice is now yours.


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