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Aqara H1 Pro Series Magnetic Track Lights

Experience track lights professionally installed, offering a variety of smart lighting modules. Enjoy full control over brightness and color temperature, with added support for Apple Adaptive Lighting.

Tailor Magnetic Track Lighting to Suit Your Space

Smart light modules for magnetic tracks, professionally designed and customizable.

Intelligent, elegant, and adaptable track lighting. Magnetic Tracks can enhance your home’s ceilings and walls, seamlessly blending with your interior design for a modern look. These tracks offer flexibility in lighting placement, allowing personalized illumination.

Choose from eight Aqara Magnetic Tracks H1 Pro smart light modules to suit various spaces and moods. Integrated with your Smart Home, these lights provide convenient options. Adjust brightness, white spectrum, or color temperature effortlessly via smartphone, wireless dimmer switch, or Siri voice command.

The Aqara Magnetic Track Light H1 Pro is part of the smart lighting range for your entire home. To explore more about smart lighting or request a quote, visit our page or contact us.

Adjustments for Light Intensity and Color Tone

Planning a cozy dinner? Adjust your lighting for a softer ambiance. Need bright light for focused work? Choose a brilliant cool white. The Aqara H1 Pro Magnetic Track Light System gives you complete control over brightness and color temperature for quick, personalized lighting adjustments throughout your home.

Set the color temperature from a warm 2700K to a crisp 6500K. With Apple’s Adaptive Lighting, these settings can even adapt automatically as the day progresses.

Integrate your smart lights into scenes. Combine various lights in your room or entire home, setting predefined brightness levels, color temperatures, and power states for each scene. Activate these scenes effortlessly with a tap, voice command, or a wireless switch button.

Integrated as a Component of Your Smart Home

Integrate your smart lights into the Aqara Smart Home ecosystem, enabling responses to triggers from motion sensors, door sensors, geolocations, or schedules. For example, dim the lights for a cozy Movie Night scene.

The Aqara Smart Knob Switch H1 simplifies light control. Adjust brightness by turning the rotary dial and turn on/off by pressing it. Want a warmer tone? Depress the dial and turn. The Knob Switch works with individual modules or controls a group.

Outside Aqara Home, Aqara H1 Pro Magnetic Track Lights are compatible with Apple Home. Create scenes synchronized with other Aqara devices, from smart curtains and door locks to air conditioners.

Variety of Smart Lighting Modules

Place different light modules around your home to create the ambiance and illumination you want. Use spotlights to highlight areas, feature walls, or artwork. Different-sized floodlights provide even lighting. Easily position or reposition modules to meet your lighting goals.

For more details or to request a quote for various light modules, tracks, accessories, and our other smart lighting products, please contact us.

Adaptive Lighting with Apple HomeKit

Enjoy the full harmony of Apple’s Adaptive Lighting technology. Simply enable this feature in the Apple Home app, and observe as the ceiling light adjusts its color temperature based on the time of day – cooler shades for midday and warmer tones in the evening.

Dim the light, and it smoothly transitions to a comforting warm hue, enhancing the ambiance.



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