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Aqara M2 Hub

Intelligent air conditioner and fan controller, also serving as a central smart home hub for other Aqara devices.

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Control your air conditioner and fan intelligently. Manage your doorbell, security system, and act as a central hub for your smart home.

Intelligent Control for Air Conditioners and Fans Enhancing Appliance Efficiency.

The Aqara M2 Hub elevates your home’s intelligence, bridging the gap for non-smart appliances. Equipped with a 360° infrared (IR) emitter, it effortlessly sends remote commands—adjusting temperatures, fan speeds, or powering devices on/off.

Setup is easy. Aqara’s extensive database covers 12 product categories and over 50,000 products, requiring just a few taps for configuration.

It’s not limited to air-conditioners and fans; virtually any IR remote-controlled appliance, from TVs and set-top boxes to air purifiers and speaker systems, can now seamlessly integrate into your smart home.

Remote Management and Automated Operations

Enhanced and Convenient Control Options

Enhance control of your appliances with ease. Manage with a few taps on your smartphone or via voice assistants like Siri or Google. Forgot to turn off the air conditioner after leaving? No worries. Aqara M2 Hub allows remote control from anywhere.

Configure automations effortlessly. Schedule appliances to turn on at specific times or in response to sensor triggers.

Transform Your Air Conditioner into a Smart Device

Efficient Energy Use. Enhanced Comfort.

In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, air conditioners contribute to 25% of household electricity costs. Smartening your air conditioner not only saves money but also benefits the planet. Automate AC shutdown during sleep or near wake-up time. Utilize an Aqara Temperature Sensor for room-based AC automation.

Intelligent Doorbell and Security Solution

Versatile Applications, One Intelligent Product.

Effortlessly enable various smart functions with the Aqara M2 Hub, equipped with built-in speakers and extensive connectivity. Easily integrate additional Aqara devices to enhance your smart home experience.

Intelligent Doorbell

Utilize Aqara Wireless Mini Switch + Aqara M2 Hub

Place the wireless mini switch outside your door, and set up the Aqara M2 Hub to produce a ding-dong chime upon pressing. Want added intelligence? Receive phone notifications, even when away.

Prefer a silent doorbell? Deactivate the ding-dong chime and solely enable phone notifications.

Security System

Combine Aqara Door and Window Sensor with Aqara M2 Hub

Establish an Away mode for heightened security. Customize it, so opening a door triggers an alarm on all your home hubs. Receive instant phone notifications for added security.

Alert and Alarm System

Combine Aqara Water Leak Sensor or Smoke Sensor with Aqara M2 Hub

Position a water leak sensor in vulnerable areas like under sinks or near washing machines. Upon detection, your M2 can sound an alarm and send a phone notification.

The same principle applies to smoke sensors.

Versatile Multi-protocol

Gateway for Maximum Compatibility Future-Proof Your Smart Home

The Aqara M2 hub is a versatile smart home hub, supporting various protocols for extensive compatibility. Expand your smart home with additional Aqara devices, creating a home that seamlessly integrates with Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa.

  • Please note that the information is relevant to Global versions of the Aqara M2 Hub. As an authorized distributor for Aqara in Singapore, provides global versions of the Aqara M2 Hub with complete support.


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