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Aqara Magic Switch S1E

A wall-mounted smart screen panel with multiple touchscreen controls for managing individual devices and scenes.

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A touch-sensitive wall switch.

Experience the Magic of Your Smart Home Screen Bringing Magic to Your Wall

The Aqara Magic Switch S1E combines a smart switch and touchscreen control panel in a single unit. It functions as a customizable smart home control hub with a fully adjustable touch screen, while also serving as a practical three-gang smart switch. Easily power devices, adjust smart lighting, and activate scenes—all with this versatile device.

Infinite Options

Select from a range of customizable skins and templates to craft your ideal smart home control panel. Customize tile layouts to display weather updates, time, and more. Each tile can be tailored to control assigned devices—such as adjusting smart light brightness using a circular slider.

  • Switching out switches can pose risks. We strongly recommend consulting a qualified electrician for the installation of smart switches.

Revolutionizing the Smart Home

The Aqara Magic Switch S1E is tailored for the contemporary smart home era. In addition to managing three lights, it enables the creation of multiple pages, each featuring customizable tiles.

Control individual devices or activate scenes effortlessly. With the capability to showcase up to 9 scenes on a single screen, you can now easily control all your smart home devices with just a tap.

Apple Home Management Hub

In addition to its integration with Aqara Home, the Aqara Magic Switch S1E is recognized in Apple Home as six wireless buttons.

Assign any tile to function as one of these wireless buttons, enabling a simple tap on the tile to activate the corresponding button in Apple Home.

Within Apple Home, you have the flexibility to designate HomeKit devices or Apple Home scenes as triggers for these wireless buttons.






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