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Aqara Night Light

A motion-activated night light powered by 2x AA batteries, lasting up to a year. Engineered for motion sensitivity with a soft, bouncing LED glow.

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An LED light activated by motion, ideal for providing soft and diffused illumination during the night.

Reliable Night Lighting Activates with Motion to Illuminate Darkness

TheĀ  Aqara Night Light illuminates darkness with its motion sensor and gentle LED light on two planes of its triangular shape. Maximizing motion sensitivity and light dynamics, it’s perfect for walkways or wardrobes. Powered by two AA batteries, it lasts over a year.


The Aqara Night Light achieves the ideal blend of motion sensitivity, soft LED lighting, and battery efficiency.

Featuring a motion sensor and luminance sensor on one triangular plane, it activates only when needed. The other plane offers soft, diffused LED lighting with two brightness levels.

To conserve battery, it activates only when motion is detected and ambient light is low, ensuring over 1 year of battery life on 2x AA alkaline batteries!

Its three-sided design allows for flexible mounting, maximizing motion sensitivity and gentle lighting.



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