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Aqara Smart LED Bulb T1(Tunable White)

An E27 bulb offering energy efficiency, adjustable brightness, white color temperatures, and compatibility with Apple HomeKit Adaptive

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Intelligent LED bulb featuring a standard E27 base, offering adjustable brightness and color temperatures.

Setting the Atmosphere in Your Home

Intelligent Lighting Compatible Across Major Home Platforms

The Aqara LED Light Bulb features an E27 base for compatibility with various light fixtures and lamps. Seamlessly integrating into your smart home, it offers control over power, brightness, and color temperature. When paired with your Aqara Smart Home, these bulbs can respond to motion sensors, door sensors, schedules, and scenes, like dimming during a Movie Time scene. Compatible with Aqara Home, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa, with future support for Matter.

Fine-Tuning Brightness

The Aqara LED Smart Bulb offers customizable brightness levels to suit your preferences. Bright lighting enhances focus for work, while dimmer settings create a cozy ambiance ideal for relaxation. Coordinate your smart bulbs to adjust brightness based on time, scenes, or switches. For instance, they can brighten at 8pm and dim at 10pm to signal bedtime. The Aqara LED T1 Bulb also supports adjustable transition settings and dynamic scenes, allowing for lightning-fast or gradual transitions and color temperature adjustments.

Fine-Tuning Color Temperature (White Spectrum)

Aqara Smart Bulbs offer adjustable color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K, providing options from warm to cool white lights. Warm lights create a cozy ambiance, ideal for nighttime, while cool lights enhance concentration during daytime activities. Enjoy both options with Aqara smart bulbs.

Adaptive Lighting for Apple HomeKit

Offering full compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Aqara E27 bulbs boast another feature: support for Apple’s Adaptive Lighting technology. Once activated in the Apple Home app, Adaptive Lighting bulbs automatically adjust color temperature based on the time of day, transitioning to cooler hues at noon and warmer tones in the evenings. Additionally, these smart lights seamlessly transition to warmer tones when dimmed, all without user intervention—even after power cycling. With continual and gradual adjustments throughout the day, there’s no need for additional automations to achieve the desired color temperature for evening or morning lighting. It’s a simple feature to enable in your Apple Home app.


Model: LEDLBT1-L01

Input: 220 – 240V, 50/60Hz

Color Reproduction: RA90+

Power: 8.5W

Color Rendering Index: Ra90

Luminous Flux: 806 lm

Dimensions: 60 (dia) × 115 mm (2.36 × 4.72 in.)

Color Temperature: 2700 K – 6500 K

Wireless Protocol: Zigbee, Bluetooth

Lamp Holder: E27

Power Factor: >0.85

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