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Digital LetterBox Lock

Digital LetterBox Lock Suitable For HDB/CONDO Flats

  • Keyless access
  • Lockout Feature
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy Battery Replacement
  • Acousto- Optic Notification
  • Low Power Unlock – Upto 500 times

Go totally keyless when you change both your door/gate locks and even letterbox lock to digital locks!

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  1.  Colour :  Matte black
  2.  Working Voltage :  DC 2.3 – 3.3v
  3.  Battery Spec :  CR1220
  4.  Standby Current :  ≤2uA
  5.  MAX. Current :  ≤5mA & Time of duration ≤ 35ms
  6.  Battery life :  1-2 year ( japan ) unlock 30-50 times one day
  7.  Operating Temp :  -5°C to 50°C
  8.  Relative humidity :  20% to 80%
  9.  Material : Zinc alloy/ABS
  10.  Diameter of mounting :  Apply to diameter 16mm-20mm
  11.  Thickness of plank :  Steel = 0.5-12mm / Timber = 0.5-22mm
  12.  Certification :  CE/FCC/PSE/ROHS/SGS/SST
  13.  Salt test :  48 hours


Have you ever arrived home only to discover that your mailbox was wide open?

You can’t remember locking it before you left. Sure, it’s just mail, but what if important documents were stolen or tampered with? Can you make sure your mail is safe and secure? With a digital letterbox lock, you can ensure your mail is guarded against intruders. Using the latest in smart security technology, this device makes it impossible for anyone to access your mail without your permission.

With a simple password you set, you can ensure all your mail is safe and secure. No more worrying about prying eyes, reading your personal information, or getting those valuable things lost– your private mail stays private! Get a digital letter box lock immediately, and always know your mail is safe.



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