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Dutch Kitchen Glass Door

Benefits :
-The Glass panels are shatter resistant
-Provides visibility into the kitchen while cooking
-Dishes can be passed through the glass pane without fully opening the door
-Combines a traditional style with a modern twist
-It comes with a water resistant wooden panel
-The bottom wood panel secures the kitchen from children and pets entering

Customized Dutch Door For kitchen With Half Tempered Glass Panel

A Dutch door with tempered safety glass panel blends time-honored tradition with modern conveniences to seamlessly integrate functionality, style, and safety into any kitchen design. Offering premium visibility, targeted ventilation,and simplistic upkeep, this door is the ideal choice to transform your Singapore kitchen into an inviting yet secure space for cooking and
conversation with loved ones.

The top half of the door is made entirely of tempered safety glass to provide an unimpeded view of the entire kitchen when open. Tempered glass is both Shatter resistant and durable, ensuring a long lifespan with minimal maintenance. The large glass panel floods the room with natural light during the day and allows any overhead lights to brightly illuminate the kitchen at night. When the top panel is open, targeted airflow enters through the glass to help regulate the kitchen temperature and remove excess smoke, odors, and humidity from cooking. The bottom wood panel remains closed to contain this airflow to just the kitchen and prevent a full draft through adjoining rooms. Air comes in high and exits low through any vents or open cabinets near the floor.

The traditional Dutch door style adds timeless aesthetic appeal that blends effortlessly with any kitchen decor. The contrast of wood on the bottom and glass on top creates a clean, simplified look. Safety and security are enhanced as the closed bottom wood panel prevents young children and pets from entering or exiting the kitchen unsupervised. The top half remains open for visibility so you can keep an eye on the entire room and anybody within it while cooking.

Contact our professional sales team today to learn more about how a Dutch door installation can transform your kitchen space and enhance your home for years to come. We look forward to helping you find the perfect option!

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