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Half Louver Dutch Main Door

Additional privacy:
 Added seclusion with spacing from the door’s top part.

Fresh airflow: Fresh air circulates while the top part of the door always stays open.

Natural light: Top half, when open, lets in sunlight during the day.

Custom design: We can create a customized door that matches your interior

Versatile style: Blends multiple aesthetics for diverse spaces.

Best Half Louver Dutch Door Singapore

Price stated is for single laminate skin, can mix and match different types of skin to make the door look more beautiful. (* Additional cost requires).

Custom DesignYes
TypeHalf Louver
Installation & DeliveryFree
Warranty12 Months
Dismantle of old doorsFree


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The Half Louver Dutch door features a design that combines the best of two classic styles. This versatile configuration provides multiple benefits, with the top half functioning as a standard door left open for ventilation. Half Louver Dutch doors allow for increased airflow and natural light from the Top portion that remains open while maintaining privacy at the bottom.

These stylish doors come with a design that blends the aesthetic of traditional solid wooden full-height doors with the openness and airflow of classic Dutch doors. These custom doors are crafted from materials like wood and then painted or stained to complement any décor style.

The open bottom half makes Half Louver Dutch doors perfect for areas where accessibility is important. Still, some obstruction-free airflow is desired, like HDB Home storerooms, bathroom entrances, and exit areas of Residential and commercial properties. This customized door Singapore has a style that offers an ideal mix of functionality, aesthetics, and versatility for dividing interior spaces while maintaining connectivity between us and the original entrance of the room or area.


3x7Ft, 4x7Ft

Groove Line

Yes, No


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