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Kaadas R8L Digital Glass Door Lock

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Kaadas R8L Digital Lock Specification

Authentication Methods:

Pass code
RFID tags

Kaadas R8L With its sleek and ultra-thin design, the R8L Keyless Smart Lock is dressed to impress in black, silver, or gold. This security device is one of the most convenient door locks in the market as it can be easily installed in homes, commercial offices, and even gates.

  • Easy Access Options: Choose from different methods to match your lifestyle – Fingerprint, PIN code, or RFID Card.
  • Touch-pad Screen with Enhanced Sensitivity: The wider tempered glass touch screen has improved detection rates.
  • Auto Lock Feature: No need to worry about whether you locked the door when leaving home. Feel confident when you’re away, ensuring the safety of your home.
  • Instant Access with Auto-Polling: The RF card is authenticated automatically, eliminating the need to press any wake-up button.
  • Sweden FPC Fingerprint Sensor Accurate and Secured with the World’s Leading Biometric Sensor
  • Defence Mode : When users leave their home, they can activate the anti-theft mode. Once activated, opening the door from the inside will trigger a warning sound.
  • At-Home Security (Double Locking): When you’re indoors, double-locking prevents any unexpected attempts to unlock from the outside. Activate it by holding the CLOSE/OPEN button for 3 seconds.
  • Master Function: Fingerprints, passwords, and card sets can be managed with the master PIN code for overall control.

Technical Specification of Kaadas R8L:

Material Aluminium alloy
Applicative Door Glass Door
Color Black
Type of lock body Automatic Lock body
Unlocking way Fingerprint /  Password / RF Card
Card capacity 100
Identification time <0.5 sec
Fingerprints Capacity 20
Double Locking mode Automatic
Battery AA Alkaline 4 Battery
Emergency power supply USB C
Battery life 4-6 months
Warranty 2 Years

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Champagne Gold, Bright Chrome, Matte Black


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