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Kaiser+ M2000 Deadbolt Lock

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Kaiser+ M2000 Deadbolt Digital Lock

A premium smart Digital Doorlock made in Korea with a recognized design and 5 way authentication Method Password/RFID Card/Mechanical Key, Remote (Optional), WiFi (Optional). Guaranteed to fit on standard doors

Authentication Methods:

PIN code
RFID tags
Physical key
Remote Control(optional)
    • Specifications
    • Easy installation
    • Easy programming
    • Fire Safety Function
    • Self Diagnosis Function
    • External Double Locking Device
    • Connection to home network system(Optional)
    • Alarm function in case of house breaking and theft
    • Easy to lock and unlock even for Kids/Elder

Technical Features:

Access ModePasscode | RFID |Mechanical Key
OptionalWiFi, Remote Control
PasscodeUpto 20
RFID CardUp to 50
Fire AlertYes
Mechanical Kay1
Master Password1
Fire RatedAnti Fire inbody, Automatic Door Open Over 70 C, Alarm Door Over70 C
Warranty2 Years

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  1. Zhi Hao (verified owner)

    The installation is fast and they are very clear on giving the instructions and information.

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