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Solity GSP-2000BK Fire Rated Digital Lock

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Solity GSP-2000BK Digital Door Lock Specifications

  • Authentication Methods:

    Bluetooth key(optional)
    Pass code
    RFID tags
    Physical key
    • Smart Solity App Support via Bluetooth
    • Smart Solity App Support via Wi-Fi(Optional)
    • Fast & Accurate fingerprint recognition (0.9 sec)
    • Ergonomic Push & pull design
    • Classy Metallic hairline bronze colour
    • Mechanic key support for emergency use
    • Free installation
    • Tested to SS 332:2018+A1:2022
    • Cyclic tested up to 200,000 times
    • Tested fire rating of 30 mins to 60 mins

Supports WiFi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth standard communication protocols and can interface with various apps to allow users to control the smart door lock remotely.

1. Smart Open & Touch
This product uses GPS technology to open the smart door lock through Bluetooth communication when the user arrives home. It automatically opens the door at a suitable time through a sensitivity test when the user that has a smartphone that is connected with the smart lock approaches the door.
2. Smart Key Sharing
It grants 4 types of permissions to invite users. The available permissions include Master, User, Visitor, and One-time Password. It invites users through the app invitation or text message. Each key has a user nickname to provide a convenient UI/UX experience.
3. Smart Key Control
Registration and management of the authentication mode such as password, card, or fingerprint through the app Issuance of a guest key by setting a specific rule (specific day of the week or time)
E.g., Operable only between 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM on Mondays and Fridays.
4. Smart Alarm & History
This function allows the user to check various smart lock functions, such as the in/out record, intrusion alarm, and discharged battery, in real time. It updates the history of each event in real time.
5. Manager Mode
Multiple smart door locks can be registered on an app account. A temporary key is a guest key that is valid only for a specific period. It is useful for issuing a key to a visitor who visits regularly or stays for a specific period.
6. Strict Security
The app and module bridge create the session key through the key exchange for dual encryption and decryption. The session key is generated for each connection of devices to block hacking and tampering.Finger

Technical Features:

Access ModeFinger print| Passcode | RFID Card | Mechanical Key
Optional Access ModeBluetooth(Optional), WiFi(Optional)
Passcode4 to 12 Digits
Finger PrintUp to 100
RFID CardUp to 100
Passcode4 to 12 Digits
Mechanical key2
One Time Password1
OutDoor Dimension (W x H x D) mm90mm(W) X 380mm(H) X 70mm(D)
InDoor Dimension (W x H x D) mm90mm(W) X 380mm(H) X 70mm(D)
Water Resistant (W x H x D) mmYes
PowerDC 6V AA Alkaline Batteries x 4
Warranty3 Years (First 2 year full coverage, 3rd year parts only)

Digital convenience meets life-saving performance. Our fire rated locks upgrade your space with key less style and security. But when temperatures surge, their heavy-duty components and mechanisms are rigged to prevent fire from damaging or unlocking the latch from the door, the major role of this fire rated lock is resisting fire for a longer period and giving us an alert when a fire or smoke occurs nearby.

So, when crisis strikes, they’ll safeguard your access or lock down, allowing escape or limiting damage without fail. We advise you not to take advantage on cheap priced or non-certified locks that that might risk lives, rather come explore our fire-resistant, certified and tested digital locks – as it can bring the future of home safety within reach.

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Latest reviews

  1. Jean-PierreHung (verified owner)

    really amazing customer service , provide instructions and explanation. Product is simple and good . love it

  2. AdamSim (verified owner)

    Works great and installation was fast.very helpful to arrange an earlier installation date as I just moved in and needs it urgently

  3. Du Sing Yu (verified owner)

    We wanted extra security for our homes without complex systems, so digital smart locks seemed perfect. This one’s simple to set up, connects to our wifi, unlocks the gate with a tap on the phone app – couldn’t ask for more! installation took no time! Awesome and solid purchase..LOVE IT!

  4. AnuDSouza (verified owner)

    Very good lock!!! Very fast installation!.

  5. Chua Jia De (verified owner)

    The Solity fire rated digital lock is tough, that’s for sure! Had it installed on my condo’s main door because i requiire a 60min fire resistant Digital lock, I preferred it because i needed something branded and fire rated. But more than those feature,i love the touch keypads, responsive even with greasy fingers. The Bluetooth’s convenient but the fire rating’s what really sells it. The door can still open fast for access.Good battery life and overall i can says it good. Highly recommend.

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