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Toilet Door / Bathroom Door

Our range of products we dealing includes aluminum slide & swing toilet door, Bi-fold Toilet Door & V-fold Toilet Door. Our range of products includes Acrylic, acrylic opaque, frame, phenolic bathroom sliding swing doors & accessories.

  • Our premium design panel is scratch resistance for easy maintenance.
  • Our Door is made of the aluminium frame that will not rust in a wet environment.
  • You can mix and match the design, panel and frame colors to create a unique bathroom door for your home.

Q-fold Toilet Door / V-fold Toilet Door install for HDB / BTO Toilet. Heavy-duty, waterproof and long-lasting. No track on the bottom.

V-Fold Toilet Door

Aluminum Bi-fold Toilet Door

Slide and Swing mechanism does not have a bottom track yet it can support up to 80 kg of weight.
The safer option of kids & elderly. The elderly no longer have to worry that they will trip and fall.
For wheelchair-bound users, Slide Swing Door is a must-have in the household as they can enter the house at ease as there will no longer be any barrier at the flooring.


Acrylic Design Toilet Door

Acrylic (Apaque)

Acrylic Apaque Toilet Door



Toilet Door Frame Type



Phenolic Type Toilet Door


Aluminum Slide & Swing Toilet Door

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