Why Xeno Stands Out as Singapore’s Top Brand

Xeno isn’t just a brand; it’s a promise to make your home security better. With advanced technology and a focus on safety, we offer premium products tailored to modern homeowners. Our products blend seamlessly with your style while providing top-notch security. We stay updated with the latest technology, from facial recognition locks to energy-efficient seals. Plus, our customer support team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth experience from selection to installation.

Exploring Xeno Products and Their Features

Come along on this thrilling journey as we introduce a new era of door security. Xeno welcomes you to explore the flawless harmony of advanced technology and unwavering safety.

Xeno Auto Door Bottom Seal

The Xeal Auto Door Bottom Seal is designed to fit the most commonly used doors in Singapore. It provides excellent protection for your home, no matter its architectural style.

The Xeal Auto Door Bottom Seal is designed to fit the most commonly used doors in Singapore. It offers excellent protection for your home, no matter its architectural style. Our careful craftsmanship ensures smooth operation without leaving marks on your flooring. Choose Xeal for a versatile solution that works seamlessly with any door type.


  • Built-in spring mechanism
  • Strong aluminum alloy construction
  • High-quality thermoplastic elastomer
  • Adjustable fit
  • Free installation
  • 1-year warranty

Choosing the Perfect Door Seal for Your Bottom Gap: Seal the Deal

Welcome to our complete guide on door seals, where practicality meets affordability. Discover high-quality door seals designed for effectiveness, durability, and the perfect fit for your door.

  1. Premium Door Seals: Eliminate drafts and improve security with our premium door seals. Built to last, these seals provide excellent insulation, making them perfect for your space.
  2. Easy Installation with Door Gap Seals: Easily fill gaps with our simple-to-install door gap seals. Designed to last, these seals help save energy, ensuring a comfortable indoor atmosphere.
  3. Added Protection with Door Drop Seals: Boost security and stop drafts with our specialized door drop seals. Simple to set up and durable, they add an extra layer of defense for your space.
  4. Enhanced Security and Insulation with Door Bottom Seals: Built to endure tough conditions, our door bottom seals enhance security and insulation, ensuring a snug fit for a more energy-efficient and secure living or working area.
  5. Convenience with Automatic Door Seals: Enjoy hands-free protection with our automatic door seals. Adapting to changing conditions, they’re perfect for modern spaces seeking an effortless solution to security and insulation.
  6. Contemporary Solutions with Auto Door Seals: Step into the future with our auto door seals. Designed for modern spaces, these intelligent solutions offer a hassle-free way to maintain security and insulation.
  7. Tailored Seals for Bottom Gaps: Discover our selection of door seals specifically crafted for the bottom gap. Improve efficiency and security with these specialized solutions, ensuring a draft-free and secure environment.

Seal the deal on comfort, security, and energy efficiency by exploring our range of door seals today. Your journey to a draft-free, secure space starts here!

X1 Digital Door Viewer:

The X1 Digital Door Viewer reflects our dedication to improving security and embracing modern convenience. Xeno allows users to remotely interact with visitors, giving them complete control over their property’s safety.

Meet the XENO Fire-Rated Door Viewer – where security seamlessly meets safety. Crafted to offer unmatched protection without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality, our fire-rated door viewer showcases innovation and top-notch quality.

Key Features:

Fire Resistance Simple Installation Stylish Design Long-lasting Advanced Security

Picking the Right Digital Door Viewer: A Simple Guide

Are we seeking top-tier smart home security? Our guide walks you through selecting the finest digital door viewer. Discover the latest in viewer tech and learn why a smart option is vital for home safety. With our expert advice, find the ideal blend of innovation and security.

Why Go Digital with Door Viewers?

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Exploring Smart Viewer Choices

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Best Picks for Digital Door Viewers

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Comparing Viewer Tech

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Making the Right Decision

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Upgrade your home security with a digital door viewer that goes above and beyond. Explore our guide to find the perfect balance of innovation and reliability for your smart home.

Alexi Digital Door Lock

The Alexi Digital Door Lock is an advanced access control system suitable for both residential and commercial use. It employs digital technology for keyless entry, ensuring convenience and heightened security.


Face Recognition, Fingerprint, Password, Physical Key, RFID Card, Smartphone

Key Differences Between Digital Lock Resellers and Xeno

Efficient Installation Arrange a time slot with our in-house installation expert for prompt and efficient setup.

Cost Savings Experience direct cost savings without any markup fees or extra transactional costs. We pass these savings directly to you!

Local Warranty Support Receive direct local warranty coverage, avoiding the hassle of being directed to overseas customer support.

Your Complete Guide to Fire-Rated Digital Door Locks in Singapore for Enhanced Home Security

Enhance your home security in Singapore, especially concerning fire safety, with our detailed guide on choosing the best smart lock. Navigate the evolving landscape of home security with insights into advanced smart lock technologies, including those meeting fire safety standards. Discover how a smart lock can elevate your home’s safety and convenience, providing innovation, peace of mind, and compliance with Singapore’s fire safety regulations.

Why Choose a Smart Lock?

Upgrade your home’s entry system with the latest smart lock technology. Explore features like remote access and enhanced security, including fire-rated options to maintain fire safety in Singapore.

Exploring Smart Locks

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Top Smart Lock Options

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Differentiating Smart Lock Technologies

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Choosing Your Smart Lock

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Transform your home with the right smart lock, balancing security, ease of use, and fire safety. Explore our guide to find the ideal solution for your smart home in Singapore