12 Incredible Features of Solity Digital Door Locks

Solity digital door locks are incredibly designed with quick and accurate fingerprint recognition to allow you solid security and comfort for your property. Its amazing features allow you quick access and greatly safeguards your belongings with a keyless solution. If you are looking to install this lock at your entrance do visit our Go Digital Lock showroom and make your purchase.

Best features of Solity digital door locks

  • Smart access with a fine touch

Solity digital door locks use GPS technology to unlock the door via Bluetooth communication when you arrive at home. The moment you reach the door it automatically opens the door at an appropriate time through a sensitivity test when you operate through a smartphone that is connected with the smart lock. Different access options available here are fingerprint access, RFID card, PIN, and remote control. These offer excellent security, comfort, and convenience.

  • Sharing smart keys to friends or visitors

Solity digital door locks permit 4 types of access to invite your friends or visitors. They include Master, User, Visitor, and One-time Password. With the help of these access options, they can go through the app invitation or text message. Each key includes a user nickname to offer a convenient UI/UX experience.

  • Smart alarm function & access history

This amazing feature allows you to check various smart lock functions, like in/out record, intrusion alarm, and discharged battery, in real time. Also, it updates the history of each event in real time.

  • Manager Mode

You can register multiple smart door locks on an app account. A temporary key that is a guest key is valid only for a specific period. It helps in issuing a key to a visitor who visits regularly or stays for a specific period.

  • Strict security to prevent hacking

Solity digital door locks offer strict security with the help of an app and module bridge that create the session key through the key exchange for dual encryption and decryption. The session key is generated for each connection of devices to prevent hacking and tampering.

  • Ultra slim design

Solity digital door locks display a slim and simple design to lift on any door. The shiny black body with a fine touch adds luxury to the handle point in gold color. Overall the product is user friendly providing you great convenience and comfort.

  • Human body detection function

The infrared detection sensor easily senses the human body when you approach near the door without touching the keypad. This feature is specially designed to sense a human body when you are nearby.

  • Fake passcode function

Enter the randomly chosen digits and don’t expose your security code to anyone. This feature allows you to choose randomly chosen digits before entering a passcode so that it is difficult to guess the numbers you have entered by looking for smudges and keep it safe and secure.

  • Push bar lock function

When you enable this push bar lock function you prevent intrusion crimes by operating the push bar with a hole or crevice outside. You can even prevent the kids from pushing the push bar out of the room indoors.

  • Voice guide

This feature gives you the spoken feedback to guide users for setup and ongoing use.

  • Anti theft lock function

If you enter a password or smart key continuously for 5 times in a row that has not been registered a strong beep sound will go off and all the operations will be stopped for one minute.

  • Internal double lock function

This feature is a kind of double security function. When you turn on the internal double lock function, all the functions will be locked and you won’t be able to enter inside even if you enter the passcode. This works well in case of an emergency to keep you and your family safe.


So, hope you had a rough idea of the amazing features offered by Solity digital door locks. Check out this product with its details by visiting our Go Digital Lock showroom and making the purchase to enjoy its benefits.