Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee – Unlock your Door in Multiple ways

Aqara smart door lock D100 Zigbee(Singapore) – World’s First lock with Apple home key

This Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee is the world’s first lock with Apple Home Key. This lock offers a secure and convenient way to unlock your door using multiple methods, including voice recognition, fingerprint scanning and more. It gives 9 different authentications to unlock, so just think about having an apple home key with other great features that comes with it!!

The Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee is also compatible with Google Assistant for added convenience. Plus, it is also compatible with home kit/Siri, which is another innovative feature.

The Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee comes with an array of enhanced functions, making it one of the most advanced smart lock systems on the market.

Key Features & Advantages of the Aqara Smart Door Lock D100

Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee – Unlock your Door in Multiple ways

The Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 is a state-of-the-art door lock that provides unparalleled convenience and security for your home. This advanced smart door lock has an array of key features.

Here are some special Features of this super smart lock :

1)Comes with 9 unlocking methods Like: 

->Fingerprint recognition

->Password input

->One-time password unlock

->Open with NFC Card

-> Aqara Home App (*Automation, Bluetooth, & Remote)

->HomeKit/Siri (Bluetooth, Remote, Automation, Apple Home Key) ->Compatible with Google Assistant (Cloud Via Hub)

->Remotely configured password unlock

2)Automatic unlock: 

It also comes with an auto-unlock feature that opens the door when you are near it without any manual input.

3) Long-lasting battery life: 

This smart lock is designed with long-lasting battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging or replacing batteries regularly.

4) High-quality Fingerprint reader resolution: 

It has excellent fingerprint reader resolution built with 160×160 sapphire coating, ensuring that only authorized persons/guests can access the property.

5) Real-time status monitoring feature: 

By having real-time access to the lock’s status, users can keep their homes secure with the assurance of round-the-clock monitoring.

6) Hardware features: 

This smart lock has some fantastic hardware features

Here are the those 3 that make it unique :

->Comes with a child lock switch

->Inbuilt Doorbell switch and Away mode

->It is compatible with doors that open both sides

7) Metal uni-body with premium designs: 

The lock has a metal body built to last for years. The smart lock also comes with premium designs and finishes, so you can match it to your home décor.

8) In-built dual speaker: 

This device has a built-in speaker so you can be in touch with your visitors and hear everything they say.

9) 12-Month Battery Life: 

 The battery life of this smart lock is quite good, as it can last up to a year.

10) Wide ecosystem compatibility:  

this device is compatible with the home kit and google assistant. As we said before, this is a rare plus point that most the digital lock does have.

11) fully automatic Lock body:  

The lock body is fully automated and powered by batteries.

12) Extra convenient remote control: 

This smart lock has the added convenience of remote control that you can use to unlock the door.

13) Supports most doors(40mm-120mm):  

This smart lock is compatible with most doors in Singapore homes.

14) Multiple quality inspection tests:  

This smart lock has passed multiple quality inspection tests; Aqara has conducted a fingerprint durability test 500k times and clicks durability of 100k times to ensure its efficiency.

15) Speaks with visitors: 

When visitors come to your house, remotely open the lock, watch, and speak with them.

16) Comes with remote and lock tamper alerts: 

Local and Remote Tamper Alerts are the perfect way to get real-time notifications of any unusual activity.

17) Special Security Features: 

-> Body equipment upgraded with 3 bolts 

-> At the Inner panel, a security chip is located

-> Mechanical emergency unlock knob

Benefits of Using Zigbee with the Aqara Smart Door Lock D100

The Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 is an innovative door lock system that uses Zigbee technology for secure access to the home. This high-tech device offers homeowners numerous benefits, including increased safety, convenience, and flexibility.

Zigbee technology is a low-power wireless network standard for connecting devices within short distances. With its high speed, low power requirement, and reliable security protocols, Zigbee is ideal for controlling smart home appliances like door locks.

The Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 harnesses this capability to enable users to unlock their doors in several ways – remotely via the smartphone app or through voice commands with a compatible virtual assistant. This is secured by the 128-bit symmetric encryption keys, which are automatically generated by the lock itself.

Summing up!

In conclusion, the Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee is an excellent option for anyone looking to uplift their home security. With its intuitive features and multiple ways to unlock your door, you never have to worry about a “less convenient” locking system again! And with the bonus of it being more energy-efficient than conventional locks, it’s a win-win situation.

So, what are you waiting for? Get one to make your entrance security and convenient to reach new levels! Thanks for reading!